Free relaxed music

3k      93    19    02:30
A slow,enveleping,ambient new age track.Very relaxing.
14k      380    28    03:10
Grungy sounding early reggae type groove. This piece is also available in a faster 90 beats per minute version. You can purchase the full uncompressed version of this piece <A HREF="">here</A> along with the individual parts in wav format.
484      13    1    02:56
I tried to make trance (not like this genre sounds like this lol), so I made it repetitive and traaance. Also.. SPAAAACE!
15k      391    42    04:01
This piece is in a genre sort of made by an electronic instrument from Yamaha called the Tenori-On (though it was not made on one of them). It is a sixteenth note-quantized all-synth 4 bar repeated thing. Items are only added, never removed.
2k      23    13    00:12
Stylish and modern composition that you can use to represent your company in any media. Perfect for positive commercial, advertising, TV show, radio jingle, talk show, lifestyle, vacation, vlog, podcasts. Instruments: Flute, drums, percussion 2 versions included! (Extended License) 1. Happy Asian Intro 02 – 0:13 2. Happy Asian Intro...
52k      1k    82    03:12
If clouds themselves hold the secret, then the secret must be moisture. Remember to hydrate!
2k      44    4    02:24
A mellow,lofi, chillout track.Slightly gritty in nature,this would be ideal for;games,tech,travel,podcasts etc.
11k      279    14    01:05
Solo electric bass with added chorus effect. Nice, round and (of course) low.
2k      48    10    05:07
20k      513    41    02:42
A piece in two parts. Slow piano intro, and then a giant power section at 1 minute 50 seconds in. Written for an animation piece.
24k      586    65    00:40
Small calm transition; descending wind ensemble blending to ascending string ensemble. Short, and efficient!
3k      73    12    01:41
A relaxed,chilled funky track.Suitable for both corporate and personal projects.
442      5    5    00:27
27 seconds seamless loop. instrumental friendly and pleasant jazz music with hip hop grooves, composed for trumpet, saxophone, electric piano, piano drums and featured with solo improvisations, ideal background for advertising, promos and commercials. Also great for films and tv series in chill and urban situations.
18k      450    48    00:53
Mid-90s styled video game music. Also available in "<A HREF="">Incompetech Game Pack 1</A>".
2k      48    13    00:38
A relaxed and mellow corporate acoustic track.