Free music for Advertising

Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for piano, guitars, glockenspiel, strings and synthesizers, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great as a background for youtube, slideshows and tik tok.
754      75    2    02:38
A positive ,mid tempo, funky pop track.Features include:guitar,drums,bass and bells.Ideal for:corporate projects,holiday vlogs,luxury projects etc.
465      9    2    01:36
Happy acoustic Song for Social Media, Tutorials etc.
1044      113    7    03:18
Energetic Upbeat is a powerful, bright, positive and modern indie pop track. Positive and energetic music that is great for projects such as TV-shows, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio,...
27569      2608    433    02:34
Instrumental corporate uplifting music composed for muted and acoustic guitars, piano, synth drums, glocks and synthesizer, ideal for science and technology advertising, commercials and promos. Also great as a background...
2208      251    15    02:43
A little story about this old song. Task for me: Produce the most unimaginative and "calculated" song EVER. Goal: To prove that points 1-4 are no guarantee for success and...
72280      7360    632    03:11
A funny, playful and positive music which will perfectly suit for cartoons, games, comedy movies, family or vacation video, advertisements, or any other media project looking for childish, humorous, happy...
32666      3049    330    02:16
Instrumental happy and uplifting corporate music made for muted, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, strings and glocks. Ideal for positive and upbeat messages in commercials, advertising and promos,
1034      87    12    02:50
Positive melody for summer mood. Bursting energy of synths makes you dance from the very beginning. Soft guitar part and tender voice are the perfect combination for parties or travel...
5479      404    81    02:14
Instrumental music made for orchestra, solo and choir voices, epic drums, oboe and horns, ideal for epic victorious scenes in adventure and travel TV Series, Films and documentaries. Also great...
7661      565    112    02:42
Instrumental happy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, strings and glockenspiel, ideal for commercials and advertising. Also great for films, documentaries and TV Series in positive and optimistic situations.
8813      751    97    02:40
Piece written in that very common chord progression that gets stuck in your head. Frequently used in scenes and commercials where you want your audience to remember. Purchasing this gives...
20196      1621    243    01:31
Classical celtic/medieval piece with few changes. Perfect for podcasting, games or videos!
4731      289    88    03:02
Fast and happy track. Very light and airy mood, impregnated with kindness and a positive, fill your project bright emotions and life. Style: Pop, Corporate, Lite Rock, Indie, Children Perfect...
13558      1079    159    02:21
Instrumental cinematic classical music made for orchestra, piano, percussions and voices, ideal for epic scenes in Films and TV Series. Also great for documentaries, advertising, commercials, contests and shows.
5591      385    85    02:17