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Deeply melodic cinematic fantasy piece, that if you close your eyes, will make your imagination travel somewhere epic!
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Instrumental inspirational and ositive classical cinematic music composed for piano, orchestra and solo violin, ideal for nature landscapes in nature documentaries, love scenes in films and tv series. Also a great background for contemplative situations in youtube, vimeo, instagram and tik tok videos.
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427      25    1    01:25
Piano and strings. Mysterious, bright sound.
558      24    8    05:24
Gentle Classical and spherical Film Music combined with Ambient and Trance. Ideal for Tours, Nature, sports, Events, Clubs, and much more.
548      19    7    05:00
Cinematic metal piece with a lot of dynamics and melody.
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My Tribute to Spielberg's "TinTin" Snowy, a white Wire Fox Terrier dog, is Tintin's loyal companion. Like Captain Haddock, Snowy is fond of Loch Lomond brand Scotch whisky.
369      0    3    02:09
Calm, heroic and epic music that conveys the mood of a medieval Viking village. Perfect for movies, game scenes, presentations, trailers and other projects. Instruments: drums, violins, effects, guitar, flute, percussion. 2 versions are included! (Extended License) 1. Vikings Village full – 2:09 2. Vikings Village without birds – 2:09
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Sad, emotional piano and strings.
3k      233    43    02:46
This is one of the most elaborate tracks I have produced to date. Over a week of work and over 50 instrument tracks in total. Absolute attention to detail gives this song the ultimate epic feel. Because the song just became massive, "Colossus" was the perfect name.
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Enchanter looking for work. Content +100% Epicness
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This is orchestral, epic, dramatic, inspirational and powerful cinematic music for your project. Ideal for a video game / movie / movie trailer and any other project where you need powerful and emotional epic music.
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Instrumental uplifting cinematic Christmas music, composed for orchestra, piano, violin, oboe, harp and bells, ideal for Christmas and holiday topics in Films, tv series, commercials and ads.
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Epic piano piece that gets more and more epic further in! Ends in a melodic explosion.