Free music for Comedy

595      66    10    02:01
Funny, plucked violin strings pizzicato track. Reminiscent of 1950s educational films.
776      81    11    02:27
Funny pizzicato strings. Background music for shenanigans.
2k      205    28    02:35
Instrumental happy and uplifting acoustic music composed for ukulele, human whistle, acoustic guitar, piano and glockenspiel, idea for funny children, pet and comical videos and images, commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for cheerful topics in youtube, vimeo, tik tok and instagram.
12k      1k    167    02:35
Silly classical comedy piece perfect for funny videos on YouTube, TikTok etc.
5k      385    78    01:57
3k      277    65    01:29
Funny track. Good background music for... well... shenanigans.
23k      2k    148    02:31
6k      448    63    02:24
Upbeat music for Social Media, Film, and Television. And much more.
21k      2k    239    01:09
Jazz track with a cheerful clarinet and an acoustic guitar. Ideal for comedy, tutorials and explanatory films
4k      338    41    03:18
Happy acoustic Song for Social Media, Tutorials etc.
7k      571    105    02:12
Silly classical comedy piece perfect for funny videos on YouTube, TikTok etc.
4k      287    48    02:17
Cheerful Music for everyday life. Ideal for Comedy, TV, Radio plays, Social Media Videos and much more.
28k      2k    284    02:36
I bought some old samples and added some dance beats to them: Some say yes, that's modern? Anyway, it sounds funny. Imagine you put this music under the video recordings of dancing people in a club? :)
15k      1k    131    02:00
Instrumental music made for ukulele, piano and guitars. The style is very close to world and children music, and the mood is fun and very positive. The rhythm is semi fast, happy and lively. This music fits perfect for fun and children topics in advertising, films and other productions with...
11k      830    131    01:22
Short cheerful Track for Fairy Tales, Children, Comedy, Tutorials, etc.