Free music for Comedy

37k      2k    127    02:11
Comedic and playful, this rag-time ditty has a strong melody, and is heavy in the bass chords. The second minute features flighty finger-work, as if an energetic bee is flying up and down the scales. The last thirty seconds is a refrain of the introduction, and the piece ends with...
18k      725    58    00:40
General-purpose upbeat piece which can be used in general dialog.
31k      1k    173    02:28
It is 1895, you just got your new brass-rimmed monocle, and you want to head out to see the new gigantic music machine that was just constructed... Roaring 1920s fun, 1930s art music style bridge... it is the retro future of music.<BR>
23k      934    71    01:35
Lively yet quiet barroom-style ditty.
47k      2k    192    06:06
Bluegrass country music. That banjo will haunt you for days, mohaha!!
30k      1k    98    00:37
Happy bouncy theme for a comic hero! Written for Craig Knitt's short "Happy Boy".<BR>
32k      1k    141    00:41
Light but dim. Nice for a 'classy' villain with a plan.
8k      324    34    04:31
Just your everyday 12 bar blues jam. This one is exhausting to play. No MIDI keyboards were injured during the recording of this piece; darn close, though. This piece was written for a Patreon sponsor's project.
41k      2k    168    01:14
This is a set of 2 happy bubble-gummy themes for a comic platformer-type video game. Also included in the mp3 file are three different endings - quick, longer, and other.
30k      1k    165    02:21
Two short pieces in one file. Deliberate clockwork theme.
74k      3k    321    03:18
Hard to get more fun than this. Seriously, it is insane fun. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Comes with all parts isolated along with a dry export of everything in case you want to attempt your own mix.
19k      754    57    01:39
Darkly plodding, this staccato piano piece is the tense setting for the classic silent film scene: the heroine is tied to the train tracks, the steam engine train plugging along towards her. The chug-a-chug feel is maintained by a tense hammering of the chords in triplets, depicting machinery or chaos...
22k      879    74    00:45
Short Theme in two tempos for your silly bad guy.
36k      1k    145    00:41
Light background... possibly for a physical comedy bit.
18k      690    109    02:06
Interesting piano and cello piece. As title suggests, there is some questionable tuning. Piece begins with piano, brings in cello around 00:05, both continue until the end of the piece.