Free music for Comedy

20k      791    72    02:37
Just a nice little jazz piece. A slower version is also available.
24k      936    93    00:38
Circus-type march. Fits really well with humorous content. It's short and efficient. Easy to loop as well!
24k      911    84    00:46
Mid-90s styled happy happy video game music. Also available in "<A HREF="">Incompetech Game Pack 1</A>".
18k      687    26    03:18
Peppy. This piece will make your foot dance whether you'd like it or not. Fits comedy content.
13k      492    39    00:46
New Orleans style meets Spike Jones... sort of.
27k      1k    88    00:47
50k      2k    177    03:48
8-bit sounding electronic polka. 8-bit-sounding electronic polka. Get the uncompressed wav file with bonus material <A HREF="">here</a>!<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
27k      1k    143    03:57
Creepy off-putting circus music. Also features some honking horns later in the piece. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Comes with all parts on their own AND in three different tempos AND includes a bonus track (in 2/4 time).
19k      723    31    02:27
Full polka ensemble. She's a peppy one, she is. Instrumental.
36k      1k    100    00:49
Super smashing trumpets, and a crazy clarinet! Also guitars and such. Not your oom-pah kind of polka. This is all-out dance.
21k      815    33    03:22
Very happy. I consider this as humorous. Some people might find that offensive.
65k      2k    161    03:12
Johnny only needs two fingers to rock that bass line. Johnny loves the blues.
23k      857    92    00:33
Lumbering tuba-driven tune with heavy back beat appropriate for character underscore. Ends Abruptly.
22k      816    48    03:26
High-energy polka with screaming trumpets and a clarinet "voice". Modulation at the end. Unusual turnarounds.
15k      571    66    06:46
This is the same as the other "Danse Macabre" on this site - but without the solo violin part... in case you're a violinist, and you want to play along at home.