Free music for Comedy

19k      643    72    02:08
A piece in 7/8 time with 2-measure phrasing. Very dark and round sounding with randomly placed percussions.
20k      651    77    00:21
Just the finale from the "Danse Macabre". This is the highest energy portion of the piece in isolation.
19k      615    78    02:33
When circuits throw a party, I imagine it sounds something like this. They can be a bit hyperactive at times. The super download comes with a more calm version at 120 beats per minute, and a crazy fast version at 180 beats per minute! All three versions loop perfectly, so...
14k      473    38    02:05
A two-part song consisting of a very serious section followed by a very light section.
23k      745    78    05:03
Super jaunty quick tune with 3 distinct parts. The main theme starts in the beginning, Super syncopated theme starts at about a minute in, and the industrial comedy theme starts at 1:30 or so. You can <A HREF="">download the full uncompressed version AND the electronic version AND the record-player version...
21k      677    77    03:02
Just a nice little jazz piece. A faster version is also available.
125      2    0    02:09
23k      749    82    02:02
This is an arrangement of Mozart's Divertimento (K131) for bells, harp, chimes and celeste. It is light and bouncy, with an accelerando around 45 seconds in. The work is played two times.
36k      1k    92    02:34
Welcome to the town! If you have anything to sell, just put it in the box. The general store sells seeds. There is a Mountain Totem in the mountains. You can have a drink at the Iridium Bar. I need to tend to my giant melons now. That is not...
127      2    0    01:50
17k      525    53    01:32
A simple march as played by a semi-competent 23-piece ensemble.
3k      87    23    03:09
Vibrant strings set to a moving beat. Elegant and charming, always changing.
110k      3k    234    00:28
I got a request to do a short piece as the intro to a video game. They were looking for a vintage fun "Paper Mario" type aesthetic. That's where the mighty Technics KN700 comes in! This keyboard is a machine that just oozes that late 90's sound. I combined the...
17k      511    59    00:35
A snappy little tune that might have been found in the 50s.
24k      727    78    00:36
Ragtime chase sequence piano! Also works with other humorous content.