Free music for Comedy

25k      495    36    01:30
An intentionally poorly-executed organ interlude with drum machine.
26k      509    59    04:00
Only 6 monophonic synths and a drum set in this entire, extremely peppy, undeniably enthusiastic, off-kilter, oddly satisfying electronic piece! Even at that, it gets pretty dense near the end. <BR><BR> Try this one! You'll like it! (you'll probably like it... figure about 90 percent guaranteed to like this piece...
19k      294    33    02:40
Fun little impromptu in one take with lots of odd delay effects that give it a more lush feel.
30k      277    24    05:00
It's your Grade 10 Formal and no one is dancing. All the usual cliques are in all the usual places, and questions are spinning around in your head... Would Alex actually dance with me? How can I make that happen? What's that smell? Did I wear deodorant? What exactly do...