Free music for Crime

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Dark serial killer vibe.
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60s Surf Rock Music in the style of the Tarantino Films.
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Exciting groovy Music for Crime, Thriller, Action, but also Comedy and much more.
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Jazzy Music for Film, TV, Audio book, Social Media, Crime, Comedy and much more.
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Orchestral and Cinematic composition, played with piano, strings and percussion. Mysterious and tense. Perfect for horror and suspense movies, maybe for initial credits. Also good for podcast, youtube and other audiovisual works.with this kind of tension and suspenseful feelings
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I like to call this “redneck metal”. That might be completely wrong, but it definitely has a “southern” touch over it. Jack the Lumberer is an extremely popular song across the internet, and it has been used in so many different kinds of content, I won’t start suggesting what kind...
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Cool Blues for everything
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A suspenseful semi-creepy track, with harmonies building up towards the end. Title represents where I would put this piece in the background.
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James Bond & Co. send their regards. Mystical sound in the style of old agent thrillers.
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Perfect for your fighting sequence. Lots of action and suspense. This was written for a game that takes place in the air (hence the picture), and I mean that this piece is perfect for that, as the snare really simulates the “foopfoop” sound of the rotor. Works well in other...
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Instrumental music made for piano and synthesizers. The style is Soundtrack Ambient music, and the mood is suspenseful with a big dose of relaxed dramatism. The music starts with a deep piano playing the main notes. Then, the composition gains energy and dramatism with the incorporation of sound effects and...