Free music for Education

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Attention in the lobby: The show will begin shortly. Please find your seat. Souvenir programs are available for purchase at every entrance. Remember to set your bleeping devices to non-bleepie mode. This show features flashing lights, live bats, and almond butter. If you have a condition that may cause problems,...
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Umm... this is really hard to describe. Take a listen, you might need it. Easy chill disco. It has an "eye of the tiger"-ish synth line and a super cool vibe part. Drum kit is distressed in parts.
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I got a request to do a short piece as the intro to a video game. They were looking for a vintage fun "Paper Mario" type aesthetic. That's where the mighty Technics KN700 comes in! This keyboard is a machine that just oozes that late 90's sound. I combined the...
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Rock music without a bass guitar? Yeah, the piano carries that line.
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Disco with a funky horn section and acid synths. Very bright mix.
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Build your pyramid in Five easy steps! 1) Level the intended build site 2) Get your GED in architecture 3) Quarry 100 million tons of limestone from a local quarry (cubits?) 4) Learn to be a charismatic leader 5) Synergize your assets from steps 3 and 4. Congratulations, you are...
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Funky Backsound Instrumental
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This is one of my favorite sections of "Danse Macabre"... lovely xylophone part.
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The 80s Gallop, a rhythmic motive heard in this piece, was popularized by many synth pop bands of yesteryear. Legend has it, some of those bands may still exist - wandering the countryside in search of slap bracelets.
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Short item usable for intro or ending. Longer Version in add. files
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A small section of Danse Macabre that features the basses, cellos, and violas each taking one beat out of the measure with a triplet. Light melody on the top.
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