Free music for Events

54      0    1    02:51
Fun and positive music for a game project. There are several options for loops and you can flexibly build a composition for a game. A catchy melody and an energetic bass couldn’t stop you from dancing and shaking your feet with the beat. Perfect for adventures, children's games, where you...
2k      232    30    03:45
Stylish modern positive track with an atmosphere of summer relaxation. the sun. sea. beach! This track is well suited for parties, reviews and interviews, summer entertainment videos, bars and lounges, and fashion shows. You can also use it as a backdrop for tourist advertising, advertising, and slide shows. Instruments: drums,...
91k      9k    737    03:11
A little story about this old song. Task for me: Produce the most unimaginative and "calculated" song EVER. Goal: To prove that points 1-4 are no guarantee for success and that creativity is valued in an experimental sense. 1. take the most famous of all chord sequences, which always guarantees...
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1 Version
45k      3k    398    04:56
Oldschool trance techno with modern sounds. I loved it then and I still love it today.
22k      2k    140    02:31
11k      871    95    02:25
Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for muted, electric and acoustic guitars, piano and strings, ideal for commercials, backgrounds and ads.
7k      537    52    03:36
Nice Christmas track, in the classic version without beat and bass guitar, for the best time of the year.
19k      1k    123    03:08
9k      698    109    03:11
Timeless Music for Cooperate, Tutorials, Image Film, Summer, Travel, Party and much more.
1k      92    2    02:40
33k      2k    198    04:16
7k      497    76    03:38
20k      2k    219    01:09
Jazz track with a cheerful clarinet and an acoustic guitar. Ideal for comedy, tutorials and explanatory films
2k      115    16    02:31
Cheerful Christmas music for the most wonderful time of the year. Ideal for Christmas market, fairground, film, TV, audio book, social media, stores and much more.