Free music for Meditation

Mystical Meditative Music with pre-medieval Instruments and dreamlike Voices.
666      33    4    02:33
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is soundtrack music with some oriental influences. The mood is sentimental, positive and the play is expressive. This music is a perfect...
16934      1462    206    03:02
Instrumental positive ambient music made for electric piano, synthesizers and strings. Ideal for science and space documentaries, and Sci-fi movies. Also great for relaxing and peaceful topics in media projects.
10823      816    161    03:05
Instrumental peaceful acoustic music composed for acoustic guitars, cello, violin, piano and glockenspiel, ideal for love scenes in films and tv series. Also great for nature documentaries, podcast and slideshows.
9075      733    117    01:57
Sad/emotional piano piece. All improvised in one take.
30703      2760    287    05:44
Relaxing and meditative ambient music for your video project. Peaceful atmosphere great for any calm video proyect. Features acoustic piano, cello, violin and atmospheric soundscapes.
5148      362    75    08:54
Instrumental music made for piano and synthesizers. The genre is new age ambient and the mood is peaceful and positive. This music fits perfect for peaceful scenes in films, documentaries...
21742      1703    257    02:21
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Classical romantic, inspired from Chopin style, and the mood is romantic and poignant. The rhythm is calm and the play is...
4347      305    59    02:08
instrumental music made for piano. The style is soundtrack and new age music, and the mood is calm, positive and sentimental. This music fits perfect in productions with sentimental and...
2223      147    36    02:20
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style and genre is Classical piano, inspired directly from romantic Chopin Compositions. The mood is romantic and calm, and the play is plenty...
6494      479    90    02:22
Inspirational contemplative world music made for traditional asian instruments and orchestra, ver nice music for relaxing and spiritual environments, also great for travel and ethnic topics in films and tv...
7018      504    96    03:06
Beautiful relaxing and positive ambient guitar for your video project. Inspire ambient music, beautiful ambient background, calm soundtrack, documentary ambient soundtrack. Peaceful atmosphere and relaxing ambient for cinematic youtube montge...
6057      386    99    09:57
Instrumental classical music made for piano. Sweet, emotional and expressive, this music is a perfect background for romantic and sentimental positive scenes in films, Tv series and nature slideshows.
3306      228    48    02:35
1684      92    32    05:48
Instrumental space ambient music, composed for synthesizers, clean electric guitar and piano, ideal for space documentaries, films and TV Series. Also ideal for relaxation, spa and yoga.
6109      437    81    03:10