Free music for Meditation

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A light, but already such autumn, almost winter melody, this free lofi type beat love me say so, is already so cold, but so I want someone to be around who will warm-up. I walk the cool streets with a cup of hot coffee, and this love me beat is...
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Muted Piano, electronics, sound design Edge of your seat underscore. Suspense, tension, sunrise, awakening, realization
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This is music in chillhop style. The beautiful mystical vocals are successfully combined with the motivational sounds of the piano and even percussion. This music has a pleasant and atmospheric sound, creates the impression of the presence of something supernatural in our lives, something that can not be explained, only...
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Another serene track for all your meditation,yoga and relaxation needs.
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A relaxing electronic dance track featuring mesmerizing guitar sounds and a phat beat. This has been released as part of the album "Numb" by my alter ego Ardle. Attention: Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to an uncompressed 24bit wav-File of the track.
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A soothing,meditative piece.Ideal for relaxation and recovery.
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This composition is made in the lo-fi style. The meditative sound of the guitar combined with drums and piano creates a relaxing atmosphere. In this music there are notes of oriental motifs, which transports us to a beautiful and quiet garden, where you can hear only the sound of the...
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A tranquil,new age,relaxation track.Ideal for;spa treatment,meditation etc.
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This is lofi style music. The calm sounds of drums and piano are complemented by an angelic voice, which creates an atmosphere of relaxation. This track captures and creates a feeling of soaring over the ocean, where you can see only the steady oscillation of the waves and the calm...
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piano, strings, bowed stones, bells, euphoria, serenity So I was once tasked with building a computer network for a school in Lake Tahoe Nevada, USA. Tahoe has a beautiful, alpine lake at around 6000 ft above sea-level. Before heading out to catch my flight home I got up at dawn...
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A slow,enveleping,ambient new age track.Very relaxing.
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A Christmas angel flies with you through the night.
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I'm uploading the base tones for my Gamma waves binaural set so you can download and use them by themselves, use them to create your own meditations, or whatever. I'll have versions with the binaural beat in the background and some meditative patches after I upload this bases.
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An emotional piano plays embedded in soft strings.