Free music for Meditation

10k      701    127    03:10
Instrumental space ambient music, composed for synthesizers, clean electric guitar and piano, ideal for space documentaries, films and TV Series. Also ideal for relaxation, spa and yoga.
4k      263    40    02:11
Instrumental composition made for piano solo. The style is very near to new age and soundtrack music, and the mood is sweet, positive and sentimental. The rhythm is calm, relaxed but expressive, and fits perfect on descriptive scenes with romantic, positive and sentimental soft topics.
10k      687    121    02:19
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Soundtrack music, and the mood is calm and relaxing. The rhythm is slow and the music is plenty of expressiveness in the play. This music is a perfect background for movies and tv series with romantic and slow motion scenes with...
3k      209    40    03:28
11k      646    74    04:17
Do you sometimes miss summer and holidays in winter? This song reminds me of a beautiful sunset on Mallorca, a beach bar, a cocktail in my hand - sometimes the end of the evening can be so beautiful :)
3k      187    16    01:14
3k      196    31    04:29
3k      201    21    03:38
4k      246    34    02:17
Instrumental peaceful cinematic Christmas music composed for orchestra, bells, chimes and cello, ideal for heavenly and relaxing Christmas scenes in Films, TV series, ads and promos. Also great as a background in spa, yoga and natural therapies.
5k      362    60    03:06
Instrumental classical music made for violin, piano, guitar, glockenspiel and cello, ideal for melancholic and calm situations in films, tv series and podcast. Also great for funerals and historical documentaries with a nostalgic background.
4k      215    29    04:51
5k      275    35    05:06
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838      58    12    04:53
Very calm, soft music with guitar, sounds of nature. Very nice for relax
11k      732    129    03:06
Inspirational contemplative world music made for traditional asian instruments and orchestra, ver nice music for relaxing and spiritual environments, also great for travel and ethnic topics in films and tv series and documentaries.
6k      444    68    02:36
Inspirational ambient music made for piano and strings. Best for positive ethereal situations in films, space documentaries, aerial images and weddings.