Free music for Meditation

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Instrumental music made for piano and synth pads. The mood is positive and friendly, and the rhythm is calm and relaxed. The composition is leaded by a reverbered piano, playing the main notes from the start. Then, the music increases the ehereal feeling with the incorporation of the synth pads...
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instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is close to classical cinematic and new age music, and the mood is peaceful, positive and nice. The rhythm is calm and the play is plenty of emotional expressiveness. This music fits perfect in scenes with nature and relaxed topics, also for...
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Chill out track for lounge, yoga and meditation, love and erotic scenes but also nature or just relax.
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2 minute long emotional piano piece. The melodies are inspired by old Norwegian folk songs, and can be characterized as sad and mysterious, but still beautiful. Also with an underlying feeling of suspense.
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Ambient and New Age instrumental composition made with synthesizers and piano. The music is very calm and soothing and is leaded by the piano. Other sounds are very deep and low pads, that lead us to a very relaxing situation. The composition is mixed with very hard reverbs and the...
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Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is classical, recalling the best classical piano composers from the 1800, specially Chopin. The mood is emotional and nostalgic, but friendly and realxed at the same time. With a very accurate touch, this music is a perfect background in elegant and quiet...
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Instrumental classical music made for piano. Sweet, emotional and expressive, this music is a perfect background for romantic and sentimental positive scenes in films, Tv series and nature slideshows.
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Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Classical romantic, inspired from Chopin style, and the mood is romantic and poignant. The rhythm is calm and the play is very expressive. This music is a perfect background for films, tv series and other media with emotional calm situations. WARNING:...