Free music for Meditation

6k      412    70    02:51
Instrumental music made for piano. the style is a mix between soundtrack and slow jazz music, and the mood is peaceful and emotional. the play of the piano is plenty of expressiveness, and is a perfect background for romantic and sentimental calm and relaxed scenes for films, backgrounds, tv series,...
5k      318    39    03:17
Instrumental inspirational ambient music made for synthesizers and piano electric, best for relaxing and peaceful situations in space documentaries and films, spa and clips.
8k      548    82    02:36
Inspirational ambient music made for piano and strings. Best for positive ethereal situations in films, space documentaries, aerial images and weddings.
4k      279    53    00:45
45 seconds seamless loop instrumental peaceful electronic ambient music composed for synthesizers, piano, glocks and sound efx, ideal for relaxation, meditation, spa and yoga. Also great for contemplative and inspirational space and underwater scenes in documentaries and nature slideshows.
3k      188    24    08:12
5k      352    59    03:32
Instrumental music made for piano, strings and synth pads. The style is New Age Ambient music, and the mood is positive and optimistic. The rhtyhm is calm, relaxed. the composition starts with the piano and strings playing the main notes and harmonies of the composition. Later, the incorporation of other...
6k      390    58    02:05
Very relaxing and Calm piece. Also very inspiring and descriptive. It seems that you’re floating or flying. The piece is frequented by a solo of cello. Good for documentaries about nature or spirituality. Maybe also for specific scenes that requires an new age ambiental music. Made with synthesizers, piano and...
8k      518    88    03:32
Instrumental music made for piano, synthesizers and soundscapes. The music is very quiet and relaxing and the rhythm is medium tempo. The composition is leaded by the piano from the start and later it’s accompanied by some synthesized pads. The mood is calm and positive, so that it transmits peaceful...
13k      859    101    05:41
Here, the title really says it all. Perfect for romantic content, or simply cheezy content. Where this piece is played, the air is getting moist.
8k      490    95    02:55
Instrumental positive ambient music made for strings, oboe, cello, soundscapes and synthesizers, best for relaxation and peaceful topics in space documentaries, aerial shots, reiki, yoga and natural therapies. Also great for contemplative and romantic scenes in films and tv series.
4k      247    38    04:30
3k      174    19    03:57
2k      134    15    03:23
2k      119    10    02:24
6k      399    70    04:00
Instrumental positive ambient music made for synthesizers and soundscapes, best for meditative and relaxation situations in films, clips, tv series and podcast.