Free music for Nostalgic

20k      935    54    04:07
Piano solo of the traditional holiday piece. Very smooth with seemingly random phrasing. This isn't really a sing-along type recording.
466k      21k    450    03:13
Scott Joplin composition.
22k      1k    111    03:27
This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
12k      534    60    04:56
We've all been there. It is a little sad, a little hopeful... like when you finally set your rescue owl back into the world. You're sad to see her go, but you hope for the best. You've done all you can inside... her wings work pretty well now, and she...
30k      1k    106    04:28
Probably best classified as light-funk. Chorused bass line.
20k      928    129    03:49
Quirky rhythms. Raw production.<BR> <A HREF="">Sheet Music</A><BR>
27k      1k    133    09:06
Written by Beethoven. The original source recordings for this come from MusOpen (and are available for free!). This mix is slightly augmented, and highly produced in a cinematic style.
31k      1k    207    08:40
Mostly pentatonic piece. Listening may cause healing of undisclosed issues.<BR>
19k      843    90    04:08
Super groovy Indian-inspired piece with a chill bass line, and amazing percussion. A full uncompressed version of this piece is <A HREF="">available for download here</A>! Comes with bonus material.
27k      1k    157    02:15
A calm buy mysterious composition that uses Glockenspiel and Celesta throughout. French Horns and Bass intercede throughout to accompany the Glockenspiel and Celesta. Violin and Viola in the background throughout the piece.
17k      741    92    02:25
Super easy-going slow piano piece. Ends quiet and rich.<BR>This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
15k      666    80    02:09
A non-offensive, non-obtrusive piece to go under anything that feels a little flat.
30k      1k    122    03:19
Piano and a solo viola! Slower, optimistic and simple duet. Great as light background to cheerful content!
36k      2k    165    02:46
Slow walking bass, drums follow along sparely, with a cool Vibe melody.
18k      797    89    02:36
That sort of tension music for when people are trying to diffuse a bomb. Has other uses as well. Sixteenth notes beginning to end.