Free music for Nostalgic

11k      404    41    02:52
Happy little tune with asynchronous edits, and unexpected modulations. (Faster version of Chipper Doodle)<BR> <BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
19k      672    59    01:35
Beginning with beautiful symphonic chords accentuated by a glockenspiel, For The Fallen builds gently and with emotion. At the mid-point, marching drums build in and the music strikes a more serious tone, retaining its dramatic passion.
3k      54    20    02:09
Funny Track with the old 8 bit Sounds of the Commondore C-64
28k      1k    93    03:08
A sort of backgroundy 1980's-ish dreamy rock fusion thingee.<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.<BR>
12k      445    41    03:18
Themes, rhythms, chords all stolen from Holst.
18k      634    51    02:55
Highly melodic pad with a sense of fleeting hope.
995      35    7    05:32
30k      1k    124    01:41
An improbable (actually impossible) key signature. Not bad considering it shouldn't exist. Moderately listenable.
15k      546    47    03:20
A bouncy electronica piece heavily featuring strings and synths.
465      8    3    02:22
I was looking through my old tunes and forgot I did this one. It's a 90's style drum and bass. A bit sad, but you can't beat an old school drum and bass beat.
15k      517    56    04:00
Ragtime-like music box theme with an unexpected-sounding bridge section.<BR>
636      11    3    01:35
Positive uplifting strings.
23k      800    78    00:36
Calming concern. Mostly piano solo with slight bowed bass for support.<BR>
13k      461    46    03:49
Grounding background pad with melodic interest. Think "grassy plains".
4k      152    22    06:39
This is a remake of one of my very first songs called "Trance over Darkness". It has some cheesy trance vibes paired with oldschool drums and analog instruments. Original Track: Attention: Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to an uncompressed 24bit wav-File of the track.