Free music for Nostalgic

244k      7k    206    02:59
Scott Joplin composition.
52k      1k    80    03:12
If clouds themselves hold the secret, then the secret must be moisture. Remember to hydrate!
4k      111    6    03:14
An oldschool electronic track capturing the emotions of an intergalactic adventure. This track is part of the Remaster Series which contains older music prior uploaded onto my Youtube channel. Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to an uncompressed 24bit wav-File of the track.
20k      499    45    02:25
A sound track piece with Kit and Trombones/French Horns throughout.<BR>
20k      483    44    00:15
Just a small section of quiet fast playing strings from "Danse Macabre".
11k      276    26    03:44
Opening theme I wrote for Nosferatu. Striking chord structure. Sweet melody.
19k      447    33    07:17
Intense, slightly urban piece with rich chordal melodies.
26k      616    35    05:50
This is more for practicing dance than anything else. There are occasional bits with wind instruments to break it up a bit. Available in three tempos: 84, 93, and 104.
187k      4k    134    02:49
James Scott composition.
27k      638    59    00:44
Airy-sounding short waltz.
1k      26    3    02:35
Life Is Better Ukulele
30k      680    44    06:25
Whilst learning to waltz, I noticed that the music wasn't flowing exactly with the explanations of how to move - so I fixed it. This piece overemphasizes the first beat with a hard slide in on the downbeat. Should make it easier for beginners to understand what is going on....
2k      42    13    01:49
A slow,ethereal cinematic piece.
126k      3k    173    03:11
This is Gymnopedie #1 from Erik Satie (1888), but it has a beat and you can dance to it.
15k      331    27    02:22
This started as a reggae piece, but the temped synth tracks were too much run to replace, so I just added to them. Very loopable, perfect for your newish video games.<BR><BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.