Free music for Nostalgic

19k      595    67    00:44
Flute and clarinet float over a moving and smooth string section. Change in tone at 26 seconds in. Uncompressed aif files are <A HREF="">available for purchase</A>. They include all of the individual parts so you can do your own mixes. <A HREF="">Get them here!</A>
14k      441    67    03:25
Flowing like water, this serene piece is perfect for relaxation and meditation. The solitary plucks of the Chinese guzheng reverberate slightly, and maintain a steadiness that would work well for introspective, Asian-themed content. This would also work well for anything depicting snow, winter, or Rural Japan.
54k      2k    103    05:44
928      7    1    02:14
And the waters rose, rose, and finally, we only had sky and sea for horizon...
2k      24    6    03:26
Holiday mood, dreamy guitar and sweet female vocals. Indie, bedroom pop
23k      671    70    02:28
Dear Green Valkyrie, Your life force is running out. Green Valkyrie needs food badly. Remember; Don't shoot food. Someone shot the food. Your shots now hurt other players. You just shot the potion. C'mon Green Valkyrie, you got no chill.
205      3    0    02:12
17k      499    42    00:34
Uneven foreboding short cue, winds play opposite strings.
16k      458    42    02:53
Electro-acoustic rendering of the famous American folk song.<BR>
17k      492    49    07:50
I chose the sound palate, and then assembled the piece without listening to it. The interesting bit is that it was assembled visually - looking at the waveform profiles. This is my first one, and the sound selections are all amiable. I am unsure of the genre. Trance?
13k      356    27    04:25
Well, this is interesting... Smooth sine bass contrasted with a lovely excited drum machine and then... the magic! Genre bending magic! You're a cool kid right? This is for you. You're welcome. Think 'trap' meets 'R&B' meets 'shoegaze' meets some other genre that is SO COOL there isn't even a...
16k      446    61    00:20
This is one of my favorite sections of "Danse Macabre"... lovely xylophone part.
23k      659    45    02:19
We start with a repeating music box theme. The cello recontextualizes the simple music boxes providing a surprising and comforting bed for the low trumpet to sing over. </musicologist ramblings> HELLO, HOLIDAY DANCE RECITALS! There is a shorter version of this available... because holiday dance recitals.
24k      677    84    01:11
Super-sappy well-executed little theme. Really opens up at 38 seconds.
244k      7k    211    02:59
Scott Joplin composition.