Free music for Technology

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167      55    7    03:30
175      52    6    03:53
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324      83    3    02:20
182      40    8    04:19
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A modern and beautiful composition with a large and deep pads. Perfect for projects such as advertising, future technologies, flying a drone, background video, presentation, computer program or game, sci-fi films, documentaries, tv, movies and much more. Instruments: Pads, drums, synth, piano, bass, effects. 5 versions are included! (Extended License)...
2k      216    45    01:20
Fun and positive music in a retro style. Ideal for gaming projects or videos where you want to convey the atmosphere of the 80s. Great for futuristic videos, documentaries, high-tech projects, adventures, children's games where you need to run and collect bonuses. It can also be used for presentations, trailers,...
42k      3k    336    02:16
1 Version
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Instrumental corporate uplifting music composed for mute, electric and acoustic guitars, glocks, piano and strings, ideal for commercials, advertising and ads. Also a great background for any positive media and audio visual production, specially on youtube, vimeo, tik tok and instagram.
579      48    8    03:20
A mix of 80s Synthwave and current commercial Chart Music. Ideal for Corporate, Party, Events, Store, Leisure, Sports, Fitness and much more.
5k      372    84    01:01
Futuristic and energetic music for a game project. Perfect for adventures, children's games, space exploration, or space battle. It can also be used for presentation, trailer, advertising, YouTube shows and other projects. Instruments: Synth, bass, drums, percussions, effects. 2 versions included! (Extended License) 1. Space Exploration – 1:01 2. Space...
51k      4k    464    04:56
Oldschool trance techno with modern sounds. I loved it then and I still love it today.
2k      136    14    02:27
Instrumental uplifting electronic corporate music composed for piano, muted guitar, synth plucks and pads, ideal for science and technology advertising, commercials and promos, sci-fi and futuristic topics.