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Free music for War

Instrumental epic classical music composed for orchestral strings, horns and war drums and other percussions, ideal for war, fifht and battle scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great...
17460      1535    234    03:01
762      13    2    05:31
This is orchestral, epic, dramatic, inspirational and powerful cinematic music for your project. Ideal for a video game / movie / movie trailer and any other project where you need...
40541      3708    414    02:24
An extremely epic metal track, guaranteed to epic up whatever you're making or doing.
6801      449    115    04:47
Uplifting instrumental cinematic epic music composed for piano, orchestra, horns and vocals, ideal for battle, victory and fight scenes in films, tv series, historical documentaries, commercials and ads.
8526      607    124    02:50
An epic, straightforward introduction.
2886      213    35    00:37
This is a dark epic dramatic soundtrack.
2111      160    23    02:57
High adrenaline, aggressive and dramatic drum track. Suitable for action, suspense and chasing scenes.
16963      1159    203    00:36
Epic, uplifting, inspiring and motivational heroic cinematic trailer track featuring epic orchestra and epic drums. #medieval #fantasy
27331      1946    306    02:22
Originally written for a game, but works well in shows/films as well. This piece is perfect for your introduction of the antagonist(s)!
8935      579    115    01:43
Dark, dramatic and epic cinematic trailer track featuring massive orchestra, epic drums, hybrid sound design and epic choir.
17787      1198    213    01:16
If you want a real kickoff for your game/film/show. A very heroic piece with so much epic that it will immediately drag your audience into the dimension of epicness.
11989      723    172    01:13
Traveler is one of my most popular pieces. It’s a celtic fantasy piece with so much melody and harmony that it’s difficult to comprehend. Imagine traveling in either a group...
19185      1191    252    04:07
Dark, epic, powerful and dramatic cinematic trailer track featuring epic orchestra, epic drums and epic choir.
37526      2756    344    01:37
This track was just a major experiment. I was trying to make something very suspenseful and intense without using too many instruments. I wanted it to be very ambient. If...
17183      1136    199    04:14