Free music for Wedding

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My wife recently took this photo and when I saw this fish so lonely, I was somehow sad. I have no idea why, but suddenly I had a melody in my ear again and so this dreamy, slightly depressive piece of music with piano, cello, strings, a beautiful choir and...
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Soft RnB Music for Tutorials, Nature but also Love and Erotic.
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Depression: A subject that hardly anyone is still talking about and yet it has become a serious and recognised disease - a disease that affects many and more people. I know a lot of people affected, the ups and downs, the mood swings, sometimes very happy, sometimes sad, without knowing...
13k      948    89    02:01
Instrumental track made for piano and strings. The music is sweet and mellow. The rhythm is moderate and it’s under the dynamics of the play of the piano. The style is very near to classical and the composition is based to a piano improvisation. The mood is calm, emotional and...
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Instrumental acoustic positive music made for guitar, glockenspiel, piano, cello, violin and strings, ideal for optimistic and hopeful topics in films, tv series and nature documentaries. Also great for events and presentations.
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Original Soundtrack of the short movie "Romeos Erbe".
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Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is a mix between classical and soundtrack music, and the mood is calm and sentimental, with some melancholic feelings. This music fits perfect for romantic and calm scenes in films, advertising, youtube productions and more with similar moods.
9k      650    131    02:19
Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is Soundtrack Classical and the mood is Positive and Romantic. The rhythm is calm and the music is expressive. The composition starts with the piano and strings playing the main romantic notes, then the music increases the energy with the incorporation...
3k      200    28    02:23
Beautiful Acoustic Guitar Music for Love and Romance Scenes, Image Film, Beauty and Health, Social Media, Tutorials, Nature, Summer and much more.