Free music for Wedding

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There are NO FARTS in this version. If you're looking for farts, you want the "Scented" version. Just your average, repeated, beautiful slow waltz with some chill EP and electric guitar. Also available with fart sounds.
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You know Canon in D. You know what an old harp sound like... If you're into that combo - here you go! Wedding processional at a Ren Faire? Check! Background music for a period piece where the period isn't all that important? Check! Timelapse of growing mushrooms? Check!
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The autoharp is that instrument that has a pile of parallel strings that you strum while pushing buttons to make different chords. I remember these from 5th-grade music class along with flute-o-phones and recorders. What I didn't know back then, is that you can pick individual strings too! You don't...