Free music for Western

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instrumental contemplative acoustic music made for guitar, cello, violin and strings, ideal for inspirational scenes in nature documentaries, romantic films and tv series, clips and slideshows.
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Cosy Campfire Music with Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica.
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Smoking colts, wild horse chases through the prairie ..... a cool Italo-Western soundtrack in the style of Ennio Morricone
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I have listened to hundreds of cowboy songs in the last 2 months, looked at all the instruments, studied how banjos and dobros work. It was a week and a half of work to combine classical elements of cowboy music with modern film music in the style of Hans Zimmer...
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Wild chases through the prairie, smoking guns, cowboys and Indians ... that's the recipe for a good western. The right soundtrack should of course not be missing!
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instrumental easy music made for acoustic guitars, piano and glockenspiel. Ideal for calm scenes in Films and TV Series. Also great for advertising and commercials with relaxed topics.
730      28    12    03:16
A cinematic dark jazz track featuring tenor sax, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and, later, alto sax.
3k      121    30    02:17
Muzak from a Latinx supermarket? Perhaps. Listening to it makes me crave plantains? Definitely. B-Roll from the Breaking Bad Soundtrack? Hey, if you say so, amigo.
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321      11    1    03:37
Kite Fly High is a hiphop genre instrumental music soundtrack. Music inspiration came from kids who likes to fly kites high up on the sky. It could train their kite flying skills and relax themselves after their studies as a hobby enjoyment. As kite flew acrossed the sky, they were...
17k      1k    207    02:49
I like to call this “redneck metal”. That might be completely wrong, but it definitely has a “southern” touch over it. Jack the Lumberer is an extremely popular song across the internet, and it has been used in so many different kinds of content, I won’t start suggesting what kind...
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I wanted to mix western with cinematic, and this came out. If your content involves revolvers and lassos, and you want some epic music, this should work really well!
6k      259    49    03:37
I have no idea how I ended up with a vikings-ish, western-ish hybrid. But it was cool enough for me to not trash it. A piece with few changes throughout. Very intense and suspenseful.