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Nice tune Frank!
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Kind of different but cool! What would you create with several fish? ;)
Nice piece! Very relaxing. Will try it in one of my personal "nature" videos.
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Very nice tune!
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You know, besides all the "musical tech stuff" it is just a simple & cool number that can be used in a huge variety of videos! Now go out and make more...
I have donated several months ago and will again in the near future. I would ask others to do the same! Even a small amount would help these folks! We easily go out to buy a simple hamburger or donuts ($20+) but a lot of people out here have nothing to give?

Would you work for free?

Be nice and spend some money for the awesome collection of music you can choose from here at FilmMusic.

Have a great day!

Mad Dog Studio
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Wandering Spectra Part 5
Music: Cloudworks2 by Lilo Sound
Hello!I made a new song over my friend Lev!Hope you like it.The Name is:For You
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ARBS Lion of Revolution | Dinosaur Game: Lion vs Dinosaurs - Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

The following music was used for this media project:
Music: Battlefield by Alexander Nakarada
Free download:
License (CC BY 4.0):
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Another maker video featuring "Fearless First" by Kevin MacLeod. Thanks so much for providing these fantastic songs. I don't know what I'd do without them!
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So I've got quite a busy production schedule this year. This and next month being no exceptions.

One thing I've been meaning to put out is a compilation of ambient nature environments for film producers and internet creators to use. Not everyone has access to a high-end digital audio workstation (DAW if you ever hear the term mentioned), and having some tracks at your fingertips is important to me.

Enter Nature Sounds (I know, super original title - but effective!) !

I'll release a couple every few days this week and please use them in your productions!
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You can download a version that doesn't break your headphones here:
Market St. Viewed From Hyatt Regency San Francisco
Music: Avec Soin by Kevin MacLeod

Here's a popular (by my standards, hah!) home renovation video from my channel, featuring two tracks by Kevin MacLeod and one by chilledmusic! Thanks so much!
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