Top50 Daily Music Charts from yesterday

Our daily charts update every 24 hours and showcase the most popular songs of the day based on streams, downloads, and other metrics. The daily charts provide a real-time snapshot of the current music scene and allow music lovers to discover new and emerging artists.

Last update: Wednesday, October 04th, 2023

524      33    6    02:41
A cinematic dark jazz track inspired by the classic Sci-Fi movie, Blade Runner.
1k      156    33    02:27
Inspirational piano arpeggios
343      15    1    02:50
Year 2247 : discovery of an unknown civilization on the exoplanet Chaldalom.
103      8    0    00:25
A brief but upbeat and cheerful three-voice jazz fugue for solo piano/keyboard.
10k      1k    204    01:18
A Powerful track with the disruptive energy of true old-school rock. A huge bright aggressive guitar hook providing with a vibrant guitar solo, omnipresent keyboard, organ, and exploring bass leaves an emotional whirlwind. Included 3 versions (Extended License) Energetic & Drive Indie Rock (Main Track) – 1:18 Energetic & Drive...
1k      145    18    03:18
Cool, suave, strutting, jazzy hip-hop.
373      29    7    03:08
Groovy Disco Funk House Music. Ideal for Comedy, Tutorial, Social Media, Corporate, Club, Sports, Party, Events and much more.
2k      178    30    01:16
Happy, upbeat, finger-picked guitar track.
688      46    8    02:24
Gentle dreamy Piano Music accompanied by Choir, Acoustic Guitars and Spherical Synthesizer Pads. Ideal for Love, Nature, Relaxation or just to dream.
471      53    9    02:18
Instrumental relaxing and atmospheric music composed for ethereal piano, ideal for relaxing, calm and peaceful topics in spa, massage and relaxation. Also a great background for sleep, meditation and yoga.
6k      567    113    03:32
Upbeat, funky, K-POP style beat.
7k      760    135    03:00
Upbeat jazz trio, with piano, upright bass, and drums.
4k      365    68    03:07
641      67    10    03:03
Instrumental peaceful ambient music composed for ethereal piano, synthesizers and pads, ideal for relaxation and sleep. Also a great background for massage, relaxation and spa.
515      120    12    05:10
71      5    0    02:13
Instrumental joyful and happy music composed for ukulele, human whistle, guitars and bass, ideal for funny, children and pet funny videos in youtube, vimeo, tiktok and instagram platforms. Also a great background for advertising, commercials and promos with this kind of optimistic and joyful topics.
1k      146    24    02:23
Instrumental epic cinematic music made for piano, orchestra and war drums, ideal for fight, battle and war scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also a great background for advertising, commercials, podcast and videos.
759      72    15    03:34
Instrumental peaceful ambient music composed for piano, synth pads and synth plucks, ideal for relaxation, massage and spa. Also a great background for videos with this kind of slow motion and relaxed positive situations.
18k      1k    265    01:41
A deep and beautiful track with a mood of rest and relaxation. Hip-hop beats and real fat guitar bass create light and pleasant music. Perfect for such projects as fashion shows, fashion reviews, fashion events, youth advertising, other urban and street lifestyle videos, promotion, commercial, advertising video, beauty blog, corporate...
438      103    9    04:41
282      11    3    01:52
101k      10k    816    03:11
A little story about this old song. Task for me: Produce the most unimaginative and "calculated" song EVER. Goal: To prove that points 1-4 are no guarantee for success and that creativity is valued in an experimental sense. 1. take the most famous of all chord sequences, which always guarantees...
8k      830    163    02:24
Sad, emotional piano and strings.
4k      441    80    00:30
Very beautiful and pleasant melody on the piano and violins. A very mysterious tune that prepares the listener for something interesting. Great for advertising, Valentine's Day, presentations, business, corporate, documentaries, tutorials, time lapse, commercial trailers, tv jingles, drama tv show, history, education, cinematic soundtrack, film. Instruments: Piano, strings, pad, bass...
23k      2k    264    01:09
Jazz track with a cheerful clarinet and an acoustic guitar. Ideal for comedy, tutorials and explanatory films
12k      930    156    02:22
6k      421    61    01:18
5k      249    17    04:18
3k      303    51    03:52
A modern and beautiful composition with a large and deep pads. Perfect for projects such as advertising, future technologies, flying a drone, background video, presentation, computer program or game, sci-fi films, documentaries, tv, movies and much more. Instruments: Pads, drums, synth, piano, bass, effects. 5 versions are included! (Extended License)...
12k      960    136    03:11
Timeless Music for Cooperate, Tutorials, Image Film, Summer, Travel, Party and much more.
161      6    0    00:09
Powerful and bright intro in the Trap style, with big dynamics of bass and drums. For projects with great energy! Great for the intro, the start of a video, beginning, outro, wrap up, extreme sports, motorsports, action, trailers, showreels, cars, speed, bikes, boats, cross, motocross, snowboard, x-games, fight, cage fight,...
14k      1k    199    02:17
Instrumental cinematic classical music made for orchestra, piano, percussions and voices, ideal for epic scenes in Films and TV Series. Also great for documentaries, advertising, commercials, contests and shows.
3k      311    43    02:26
Uplifting, driving, motivational rock track.
2k      245    33    02:12
Instumental epic cinematic music made for piano, choir, orchestra and epic drums, ideal for fight, battle and struggle scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also a great background for youtube, vimeo, instagram and tik tok videos and videogames.
5k      392    67    02:17
Cheerful Music for everyday life. Ideal for Comedy, TV, Radio plays, Social Media Videos and much more.
27k      3k    361    02:27
instrumental contemplative acoustic music made for guitar, cello, violin and strings, ideal for inspirational scenes in nature documentaries, romantic films and tv series, clips and slideshows.
44k      4k    448    05:44
Sad/emotional piano piece. All improvised in one take.
35k      3k    425    02:49
Explosive hard metal track with a groovy beat. Sports, fighting, cars, extreme – this theme, in which perfectly fit the track. Style: Metal, Rock, Alternative, Djent, Hardcore, Grunge Perfect for commercials, dynamic slideshow, presentations, sports opener, sports intro, sport promo, sports broadcast, sports broadcast opener, fitness, workout, fighting, snowboarding, surfing,...
46k      5k    700    02:34
"Energetic Upbeat" is an energetic indie rock track that exudes a joyful mood with a touch of corporatism. Bright guitar riffs, energetic drums, and catchy bass lines evoke a sense of positivity and excitement. It's a versatile choice suitable for a wide variety of projects. Perfect for: adventure videos, motivational...
18k      1k    154    00:31
4k      381    51    01:41
Happy, upbeat, acoustic track, featuring mandolin and ukulele.
2k      183    28    33:18
Meditation w/theta wave algorithm underneath
14k      1k    232    03:06
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is very near to classical and soundtrack, and the rhythm is a waltz. The mood is contemplative and expressive, also a little bit eerie and suspenseful the first notes. This music fits very well on scenes with elegant and lounge topics, as...
3k      233    47    01:20
Fun and positive music in a retro style. Ideal for gaming projects or videos where you want to convey the atmosphere of the 80s. Great for futuristic videos, documentaries, high-tech projects, adventures, children's games where you need to run and collect bonuses. It can also be used for presentations, trailers,...
18k      1k    258    03:44
Instrumental acoustic folk music composed for acoustic and steel guitar, piano, violin and cello, ideal for nostalgic and peaceful scenes in films and tv series. also great for documentaries, podcast and nature images in slideshows and presentations.
418      93    9    01:27
33k      3k    429    02:08
From the "Another Grand Score" album. These 6 pieces were requested by a game developer. They all have the same recognizable theme in different styles and emotions. Perfect to keep your audience entertained and interested. Extended license purchase includes the lossless .wav file.
18k      1k    186    02:40
Instrumental happy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, strings and glockenspiel, ideal for commercials and advertising. Also great for films, documentaries and TV Series in positive and optimistic situations.
14k      1k    210    02:21
Cool country rock music for road trip, film, TV, commercial, adventure, social media, holiday and much more.
3k      320    30    02:35
Instrumental uplifting corporate pop music composed for acoustic, electric and muted guitars, piano, sustained and staccato strings and glocks, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also a great background for any positive and upbeat topics in tik tok, youtube, vimeo and instagram videos.