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I extended my original song with Udio (A.I. music generator) and it is very interesting and fascinating. I made a cut at 02:45.
Original (handmade) song:
Extended with Udio (starting at 02:45):
It also imitated the previous vocals at 03:20. At the end my melodie was also slightly modified with the same elecronic/brass mix sound made by me.
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2 months ago
Finishing "Titans" and it is MASSIVE
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Massive hacking attempts and ddos attacks from Russia
Due to a DDOS attack I had to temporarily block Netherlands today. I was then able to narrow down the attack to a data center โ€œAS215730 H2NEXUS-ASโ€, which is operated by a Russian company named (they only have telegram support and the abuse emailadress does nto work ^^). The Netherlands has now been unblocked again.

Furthermore, access from Russia is now generally blocked. Registration with โ€œruโ€ email addresses is also no longer possible. I have also deleted around 1000 accounts belonging to Russian users.

As I have currently increased the security level to the maximum, many users will probably see a captcha more often.
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And a new player started the "who makes best a.i. music" game:

At some point in the future, when everyone only generates music with A.I., I will tell my children that I really did learn and play a real instrument ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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I fixed a bug that prevented you from ordering a free license. There was a wrong error message that you had already ordered a license and had to wait.
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Major change:
Your dashboard now only shows posts from people you follow (+Sascha Ende). Posts from other people are no longer displayed.
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Haha Scooter use FL Studio for their music production ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
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First Titans Shots Made
We made the first shots for the video. Titans will be epic! (Cutless Red is me, filming)
(C) picture: Cali94
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3 months ago
Working on "Titans". I decided to add some Violas Staccatissimo. This gives the whole thing a wave-like background and builds up tension at the beginning. I had to enter the notes with the mouse, because it's just too fast and I could never do it so accurately with the keyboard.
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3 months ago
A brief update on the progress of "Titans". I'm now at minute 01:06 and I'm adding to it every day. I'm glad that FLSTUDIO now has audio and instrument tracks - that finally keeps such large projects in order.
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Generate Sound Effects for your movies just with text, soon.
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Swapping characters in videos with A.I. - check out "Viggle".
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I restructured my website now. On the start page you will find now separate sections with "LATEST HANDMADE MUSIC" and "LATEST A.I. MUSIC".

Also all my handmade music is now marked with "HANDMADE" in all sections.

Every song page also now has a big information, how the song was produced. When you click on "How I produce music" you will find a page where I explain, what tools I use for handmade and for a.i. music.

Because I am doing all this in my spare time you can expect something like:
-> 2 x handmade songs per month
-> 30-100 A.I songs per month, carefully prompted for use in video productions

If you have a problem with A.I. music in general, you can just ignore it and use my handmade music - or go fuck yourself ๐Ÿ™‚
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3 months ago
The first step is done: A basic idea for the new epic trailer song "Star Citizen - Titans". This will be as big as "Colossus". This time I decided to use Flstudio instead of Cubase because the new VFX Sequencer is awesome for building ostinato strings.
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3 months ago
It's rare, but today somebody got a false claim on a video with my music. So I had an idea....

It does not happen often, luckily, but If you got any problems with Youtube Content ID and using my music, you can now just use my new Youtube Dispute Generator:

When you are logged in, it will also fill the text with additional information.

It can't be easier now :)

(I will also track the use, so I can see if there are any REAL problems)
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New Website Design
Today the new website design was launched. A good clean start for new things.
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4 months ago
Based on my observations of the current exponential development and the results of my recent tests, I can now assert with 99% certainty the following prognostications for the music industry:

- The market for subscription-based library music is poised for obsolescence.
- Corporations will cease purchasing music licenses, given the feasibility of generating high-quality music.
- The creation of advertising jingles, including those with vocals, will be achievable in mere clicks, significantly reducing the fees that music producers can command.
- Analogous to the current situation with images, expenditure on music licenses will become a rarity.
- At least 90% of all commercial music studios will struggle to earn sufficient revenue for sustenance.
- Services like Spotify will be inundated with AI-generated music, which is increasingly indistinguishable from human-composed music (a trend that is already commencing).
- Consequently, manufacturers of digital musical instruments will experience a marked decline in sales.
- Music mastering, which has been predominantly better, faster, and more cost-effective when performed by AI for some time, will continue to evolve in this direction.
- AI services will automatically generate highly professional, detailed sound designs for silent videos based on the video content.
- The question remains as to what roles professional studios will retainโ€”recording? Even this task is now achievable with comparable quality in home studios, and AI services are further optimizing the outcomes.

Although I have always pursued music as a sideline hobby, and thus am only peripherally affected, I am profoundly pessimistic about the future of the entire music market. I am particularly concerned for professional music studios. Within the next 12 months, we can expect the first noticeable changes, with dramatic transformations anticipated over the next 36 months.
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4 months ago
I played around with the current state of AI technology and looked at what is now possible in terms of music technology. I generated a text with chatGPT and used this text to generate the same song in 6 different music genres.
Music AND vocals are 100% AI-generated. Really, I only wrote prompts for the A.I.
It's fascinating and frightening at the same time.
Listen, test and download:
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I am pleased to introduce an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to respond to your inquiries with precision and efficiency. Access to personalized responses from this AI will be contingent upon your support level, as determined by our donation badge system. For direct personal support from me, a minimum of a Patron badge is required, which corresponds to the acquisition of one license at the standard price. Here's an overview of the access levels:

Ally: Responses generated by the AI.
Contributor: Responses generated by the AI.
Patron: Personalized support directly from me.
Champion: Personalized support directly from me.
Pioneer: Personalized support directly from me.
I deeply value your ongoing support and look forward to providing you with both our AI technology and my personal expertise.

Send messages here: