Updates 19.05.2022

The development of the new website is making great progress

The development of the new website is making great progress and can already be viewed.

We have taken into account many wishes: A dark theme with a new modern design, new logo, better adaptation to...

Updates 18.04.2022

Content ID claims on youtube by Rafael Krux music

The artist Rafael Krux, who also offers music on our platform, informed us today that he has registered his music in the Youtube Content ID system due to numerous thefts.

His message:

Registered my...

Announcements 03.03.2022

Business activities in Russia and Belarus discontinued

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy. Our deepest sympathies go out to the people who have been affected. has decided to temporarily suspend operations in Russia as well as Belarus. For this...

Announcements 24.02.2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

Actually it would have been time for a pretty spring picture now, but I have now set another background picture on our website. Feel free to download and use this free Background Image here.


Updates 21.12.2021

Welcome Woeha

We have a new artist "Woeha": "I love creating music in a wide range of styles. My background as a musician and composer is in classical composition and (experimental) electronic music. As a podcast...

Updates 14.11.2021

Welcome Tim Kulig

From his bio: "My first instrument was a Casio CZ-101, and I've never looked back... I absolutely love to create music.  I find it amazing to give a sonic texture to a visual construct, imaging in my...

Announcements 05.11.2021

Sascha Ende stops music production

In the last two years Sascha touched the keyboard less and less and focused more and more on programming, so today the decision was made: Now it's over with music production. So the now dusty keyboard...

Updates 19.10.2021

Song comments disabled

I have now disabled comments on songs as well. The review cost time and the function was used a lot for advertising as well as spam or by people who asked questions there instead of reading the FAQ.

Updates 19.10.2021

Forum closed

The forum was used for users to ask questions about the free use of music. In most cases, however, these were not answered by other users but by me.

I guess that most people prefer to download music...

Announcements 14.10.2021

Is a non-profit organization?

In order not to have to bear the risk and the costs as a private person, the decision was made two years ago to register a company for Filmmusic.

An independent company always offers tax advantages,... UG (limited)
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