About me

Sascha Ende (2001) with a Roland MC 505
Sascha Ende (2001) with a Roland MC 505
Filmmusic.io, founded by me Sascha Ende, is a free marketplace launched in Hannover (Germany) in April 2019. Only the CC BY 4.0 license is offered, which also allows unlimited free commercial use, as long as the author is named according to the specifications. Users, who cannot or do not want to name the author, have the possibility to contact the artists directly. The marketplace is primarily aimed at amateur musicians and serves as a target group for example media professionals, photographers, producers of independent films, game developers, educational institutions, aid organisations and other institutions with low or hardly any budgets. But also amateur filmmakers and youtubers will find a wide selection of free music on the marketplace, without having to forego the monetization of their videos.

Filmmusic.io has very low costs, because there is only me, who does everything in his spare time. I take care of the programming and have even produced over 600 songs so far, which can only be found on this website.

The reason to create this website is easily explained: Since I am a musician mymself, but also a full-time programmer, it was obvious to create my own website. Soundcloud and other platforms were no alternative, because they are either overrun by bots or cost a lot of money. So I made my own website where artists can promote their music without paying money.

The free use is mainly financed by the advertising and donations.

And that's exactly why Filmmusic.io is not for sale and never will be, because it's a project of my heart - basically a life task to make this website big and better and better every day! :)