"Modern music" is a term that can refer to a wide range of styles and genres that have emerged in recent times, typically in the 20th and 21st centuries. It can include various forms of contemporary classical music, as well as popular music styles such as rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, and experimental music. The exact definition of "modern music" can vary depending on context and perspective.

Free Modern music

43      0    0    02:34
A dismal, airy, gritty back alley track in the heart of Night City and around all the scum and villainy of the future!
73      1    0    02:29
Soft spring music - very soft instrumental music. We all are waiting for spring))
491      42    8    02:54
Instrumental uplifting corporate music, composed for piano, acoustic, electric and muted guitars, strings and glocks, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great background for youtube videos, instagram, vimeo and tik tok.
431      8    2    04:50
Ah, I was thinking about the original Tron when I was writing this one. There's a breakdown @ around 2:00 that has a deep, gritty patch I really liked. The lead-up is light with big, reverberated drums. A little electronica mixed in - hell, it's a little bit of everything...
1k      32    8    02:56
A soft epic cinematic track.
14k      2k    130    02:43
Instrumental corporate uplifting music composed for muted and acoustic guitars, piano, synth drums, glocks and synthesizer, ideal for science and technology advertising, commercials and promos. Also great as a background in any productions.
2k      130    16    02:55
Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for muted, acoustic and electric guitars, strings, piano and glocks, ideal background for commercials, advertising and promos.
4k      229    48    03:12
4k      264    42    02:49
Instrumental ethereal and uplifting corporate music composed for acoustic, electric and muted guitars, piano, strings, synthesizer, bass and drums, ideal for promos, advertising and commercials. Also great for presentations, science and technology.
11k      848    94    02:25
Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for muted, electric and acoustic guitars, piano and strings, ideal for commercials, backgrounds and ads.
5k      387    61    02:27
Instrumental uplifting easy corporate music composed for muted guitars, strings, piano, acoustic guitars and glock, ideal for commercials, backgrounds and ads.
6k      313    98    01:20
28k      2k    214    02:31
Uplifting and motivational track expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Soft and deep pluck and electric guitar. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, web advertisements, movie trailers, youtube, successful, business and travel videos, applications, backgrounds, corporate, motivational presentations and commercials videos. Instruments: Guitar, bass, pluck, percussion, bells, drums,...
19k      1k    234    04:14
This track was just a major experiment. I was trying to make something very suspenseful and intense without using too many instruments. I wanted it to be very ambient. If this piece is placed on top of a suspenseful scene I wanted the viewer to be caught in the suspenseful...
39k      3k    372    01:43
Epic, action-packed, so to speak full on the face: Here is "Cinema Blockbuster Trailer 14" - so you can finally make big trailers like in the movies :)
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