Contemporary music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and sounds, often described as current or modern, and is opposite of classical music. It can include genres such as pop, rock, electronic, experimental, and avant-garde. Pop is characterized by catchy melodies and simple harmonies, rock by heavy electric instruments, electronic by use of technology and looping, and experimental by use of unconventional techniques and sounds. Contemporary music is used in popular media, entertainment industry, advertising, live performances, and for personal enjoyment.

Free Contemporary music

214      6    1    02:46
I dig the harpsichord in this one most of all. Makes me feel like I need to do a lighter, funner horror album compilation next fall in this style. I think the tunes would lend well for lighthearted Halloween content :)
134      12    1    02:37
A ferret, slinking around a house and furniture. That's what I see when I hear this song playing - hijinks and antics ensue. :)
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12k      1k    146    03:11
Timeless Music for Cooperate, Tutorials, Image Film, Summer, Travel, Party and much more.
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6k      454    53    03:18
Happy acoustic Song for Social Media, Tutorials etc.
1k      98    36    01:26
Ah, there's nothing like the sound of an orchestral cacophony of disharmonious notes and strumming to get you all worked up!
1k      82    24    02:22
Drones and banging on pipes - this kind of thing will give you a panic attack, but also add a TON of nuance and mood to a project.
862      62    13    03:50
Ah, Only Teeth Remain - feelings of a struggle and battle and pain and - maybe not so much triumph? Hard to say. In some battles, only teeth remain...
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5k      343    47    03:10
Atmospheric Music for Work, after Work, enjoying life, Tutorials and much more.
597      42    4    04:46
I did this one with some old school Juno sounding tracks as the pads. I should probably meditate more - I make enough of this music :D.
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5k      360    55    03:19
Timeless background music for social media, film, TV, documentary, tutorials, drone, nature and much more.
1k      80    16    05:18
This one has an anticipation of something monstrous in it I couldn't help but think was the preparation for or beginnings of an epic battle with a massive beast; a Golliath. (2 ls oh well - should've spell checked lol!). The music makes up for my mistake ;)
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826      57    10    02:22
Gentle background Music, which reminds a little of German Schlager Ballads.
720      49    7    08:50
Windy, thought provoking Vedic dreams permeating my mind and my soul...
1k      69    7    03:08
I figured some of these as straight up corporate video-inspired. This one is like panning across a bunch of products, then seeing a montage of warehouse floor production stages, creating the, well, whatever they're making. :). It has movement, and that's important for innovation, for production, and for logistics!
988      65    26    02:48
Dangerous and exciting, Anticipations is one of those tunes that doesn't do a lot but does everything you need. It's a semi-ambient, tiptoeing anxiety fest that has you on the edge of your seat waiting for the action to begin!