Free summertime music

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298      5    1    02:59
Pebbles On The Rocks is an Americana Metallic Rock genre music soundtrack included in the same name music single. Music inspiration colourful pebbles were placed on the rocks on a seashore waiting the right owner to bring them home.
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Synth pop dance with an infection beat and hook chorus. Instrumental.
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An absolute sick drum and bass piece. I don’t know if it’s really drum and bass, but I’m 100% certain that it in fact has both drum… and bass…Some really cool melodies. This track steals a lot of attention. Even managed to sneak some orchestral brass in there. What the...
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Easy listening music. Very well suited for telephone queues.
2k      78    11    02:25
Bubbly and bright for happier times.
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520      8    2    03:59
A jazz-fusion track with Latin, Funk, and Hip hop elements.
3k      79    15    01:40
A slick,synthwave track.Ideal for;video games,technology etc.
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2k      42    20    03:46
Romantic dream-pop indie-pop song with guitars and sweet female vocals.
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2k      41    5    02:00
A funky,laid back piano house track.Ideal for many productions.
87k      5k    431    02:28
Smooth and jazzy ditty with a fun edge for all your light humor needs! Okay, many of your light humor needs. Excellent for montage sequences dealing with bureaucracy. You can <A HREF="">download the uncompressed version with parts and an alternate mix here</A>!
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I love sipping lemonade by the lake when a storm approaches. I love walking through apple orchards in the fall. I love the squeak of minivan tires being dragged onto the flatbed truck of the repo man. Memories of simpler times... so wonderful.