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Cool Trap Beat for Movie, YouTube, Halloween, Shopping and much more.
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A chilled hip hop track,featuring an ethereal flute melody.
27k      2k    291    04:19
A deep and beautiful track with a mood of rest and relaxation. Hip-hop beats and real fat guitar bass create light and pleasant music. Perfect for such projects as fashion shows, fashion reviews, fashion events, youth advertising, other urban and street lifestyle videos, promotion, commercial, advertising video, beauty blog, corporate...
36k      2k    225    04:16
8k      474    71    03:21
Singers: Ursula Gerstbach, Katharina Kurianowski Lyrics/Rap: Aree Adams Production/Composition: Sascha Ende Spotify:
1k      58    15    03:43
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The melody is full of warmth from evening gatherings under the moon with the dearest people. It lofi moonlight beat successfully combines a gentle melody with drums and electronic effects, harmony and tranquility fill the soul, it feels as if you are looking at the moon and feel the rustle...
10k      615    62    03:27
6k      325    41    03:38
8k      402    40    04:16
Lyrics/Rap: Aree Adams -> Production/Composition: Sascha Ende Singer: Jasmin Tietze -> Choir 1: Finja Ende Choir 2: Kaja Uhlig Hauge Choir 3: Katharina Kurianowski Choir 4: Antonia Vroon Choir 5: Steven Vroon
6k      291    29    04:35
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