1k      40    7    01:54
Something lurking, in the dark and undercover. Cloak and dagger, raging madness, ragged fear grips like no other. Sleepers waken, reason slumbers, foul secrets shed disquise. Beware the dark and wicked malefactor with apples full of knives. Happy Halloween. Spooky piano, haunted sound design, creepy strings
2k      45    5    01:25
Udu drum, piano, percussion, strings, winds, electronics Dramatic, building theme/underscore
2k      71    17    02:40
big bass and bold drums for bad guys
2k      51    5    02:21
Piano, guitars, percussion, dirt, shadows Cool theme for sci-fi, crime or suspense short
3k      52    6    02:11
Warm chilled guitars, layers of denim distortion, cottony electronic filigree, woody strings, piano abstract, apprehensive, busy, driving, electronic, droning, fun, moving, fast, action, anticipatory, building, charging, edgy, fantasy, floating, foreboding, futuristic, hypnotic, intriguing, magical, playful, up-tempo
2k      44    10    01:57
So... you're entering the 9th circle, one level above Tartarus. You must have misbehaved during your lifetime. Misbehaved badly. Now you're in for it. Was it that trick you played on the other kids in middle school? Some questionable tax angles? All those pizza orders you called in to that...
2k      26    6    02:32
Everything is goin' to hell down here in Texas... Sarcastic hard rock, krunch guitars, drums, electronics crazy, madness, police, riots, endtimes, horror, funny, fun, humor, satire, sarcasm, americans, texas, energy, metal, guitars, hard, power, haunted, scary, sci-fi, politics, cinematic, csi
2k      39    8    02:22
Indie film soundtracks
2k      47    12    02:14
Beats, bass, bluster, brawler, badass, big - urban hip hop, game, urban, citylife, back alley, crime, drama, haunting, dark, eerie, scary, suspicious, trouble, cool, detective, suspense, caper
2k      39    9    02:24
Vibes, piano, percussion, fast Getaway, suspense, action
2k      39    5    01:00
Bright electronica. Great music bed for techology, news shows or podcast. bright, electronica, show, technology, festive, happy, uplifting, positive, intro, adventure, energetic, soundtrack, synth,
2k      57    13    01:52
2k      44    13    02:04
Stalking, haunting suspense piece for investigator drama or mystery Bass, drum, keyboards, percussion
2k      48    9    00:34
Gritty, hard edge intro music Drum, bass, guitar, sound design
2k      37    10    00:45