Free summertime music

3k      79    13    01:52
A funky,slightly lofi track.Ideal for;corporate,travel,photos etc.
204k      10k    620    02:14
Hey buddy, that is quite the sack of onions you have! If I had a sack of onions like that, I'd be happier than a tree on Arbor Day! Everyone wants to get their hand in an onion sack like that. Me? I like a nice purple onion, but you...
268      3    0    01:32
Innovating requires muted guitars. It says it right here in the employee manual! I'm serious...:)
2k      51    7    03:05
A smooth,funky,deep house track.Ideal for;corporate,travel,fashion tech etc.
2k      43    8    02:54
Enjoy Life Acoustic Guitar
2k      49    9    01:46
A funky,mellow corporate tune.Ideal for;travel,voice over,presentation etc.
23k      958    51    05:13
This is more for practicing dance than anything else. There are occasional bits with wind instruments to break it up a bit. Available in three tempos: 84, 93, and 104.
18k      726    63    04:39
Almost straight-up reggae, but with a Chinese folk violin in it. Can we just agree it's probably the only time in history it's been done?
2k      39    9    03:05
A chilled,funky, dance track.Very smooth and quite atmospheric.
97k      4k    241    03:24
I'm gonna come clean here. I have no idea what this is. Mexican? Maybe? Dance music? Drinking music? I don't even understand what this would do culturally.
2k      27    9    00:06
Very short intro useful for videos etc.. Sometimes videoproducers are looking for something like this. Or use it as a soundlogo.
4k      62    10    01:11
Bubbly and bright for happy times.
172      1    1    03:01
Jungle friendly flutey chords over experimental drums make this beat what it is.