Free summertime music

2k      36    4    03:23
Percussion, guitars, bass, electronics, brass, strings The ever redoubtable honeybee. Quiet and unassuming goes about simply gathering pollen and in turn maintains the vast pyramid of life on our planet. Loss of these little creatures would have untold consequences.
2k      47    13    02:19
Breezy Guitars, percussion
2k      39    9    03:05
A chilled,funky, dance track.Very smooth and quite atmospheric.
2k      37    8    02:54
Enjoy Life Acoustic Guitar
3k      52    6    02:11
Warm chilled guitars, layers of denim distortion, cottony electronic filigree, woody strings, piano abstract, apprehensive, busy, driving, electronic, droning, fun, moving, fast, action, anticipatory, building, charging, edgy, fantasy, floating, foreboding, futuristic, hypnotic, intriguing, magical, playful, up-tempo
2k      26    6    02:42
Brass, strings, percussion, electronics, slow, lumbering tempo. So I was driving across my continent one day and after endless flatland plains and farms, the terrain turned much more hardscrabble. Coming up over a hill to its summit and the view ... Vast, breathtaking, humbling; so happy to be a part...
1k      23    7    00:06
Very short intro useful for videos etc.. Sometimes videoproducers are looking for something like this. Or use it as a soundlogo.
4k      58    9    01:11
Bubbly and bright for happy times.
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