Otis Galloway

Hi. I'm Otis. I love making music and drinking beer. I'm very good at both of those things. Not at the same time, though...

Honestly, I don't know what to tell you to use my music for, because I want you to use it for whatever purpose suits you.

Half the fun for me is figuring it all out.

I also release my music on all major streaming platforms, so if you like it, give me a shout out, tell other people you think might dig my work, all that good stuff.

REMEMBER: I like drinking beer, so the more streams I get, the more beer I can drink... :)

I do commission/bespoke work, and I will be releasing more exculsive tracks for extended licensing through various channels.

If you want to obtain an extended license, you can reach me at otismakesmusicto@gmail.com

In the meantime, enjoy the music...

PS: If you would like to donate as a thank you, I will not be offended lol


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2 years ago
@saschaende Thank you! It is good to be back :)