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2 months ago
Frank, is there a single place where your tracks can be licensed? For example i checked pond5 and i do not see the Astral Universe there? By the way, best of luck with your new endeavors!


Frank Schroeter

@milosh9k ,

Hi Milosh,

Unfortunately, most of Astral Universe was not accepted by Pond 5 because they are too long.
Pond 5 does not allow tracks to exceed 10 minutes. (Unfortunately I didn't know that before)
However, I have also uploaded the album to Motion Elements, Jamendo and Audiocrowd. (See links below)
But I don't know if Jamendo and Audiocrowd have been activated yet.
They are already available at Motionelements.
Otherwise you can also send me a message which tracks you would like to have.
Kind regards

2 months ago


Thank you, Frank!

2 months ago