A Last Reminder....

Hello Artists of Filmmusic.io!

It's Sascha Ende here, your friendly neighborhood composer and occasional bearer of important news. I'm dropping in your inbox today with a blend of updates, a dash of humor, and a hint of urgency. Let's dive in:

The Artist's Sunset: Starting February 1st, artist profiles on Filmmusic.io will become a part of internet history, as in, they won't be accessible anymore. And yes, that means your music will also be taking a bow and exiting stage left at the same time.

Data Backup Time: You've got until the end of March to back up your data in a nifty CSV file. Think of it like a digital scrapbook of your Filmmusic.io journey. You can find the “Download My Data” button lounging around on your Dashboard, probably sipping a digital cocktail.

Link Redirection: Once your songs take their final curtain call and are deactivated, any links to these now-mythical tunes will be rerouted to your personal website. It's like a magic portal, but less sparkly. You can set this up at Your Profile.

Why all these changes, you ask? Well, let me tell you a story. It’s about embracing change, focusing on the future, and me wanting to provide the best music without the cacophony of confusion. It’s all detailed in my latest post: https://filmmusic.io/u/SaschaE...

Keep creating, keep inspiring, and remember, the world needs your music. Just now, it'll be from your own platforms.

Musically Yours,
Sascha Ende 🎵🚀
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