I do like numbers and statistics... okay, I'm a programmer and I enjoy doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ... 😉 Just today, up to this point, 94.67% of all downloads on filmmusic.io were solely for my music - even though the music of other artists is still accessible. For example, you can access it by directly calling up the artists, finding them through Google, or clicking on the music link under a video. Registered users can still find the music of other artists on their dashboards after logging in.

When you look at the overall statistics of the website in the first image and consider that I moved the other artists to a separate area more than 2 weeks ago - even I am visibly surprised. It is simply absolutely unchanged and constant with the normal fluctuations.
In the second image, you can clearly see how all the traffic (downloads and plays) has completely shifted to my own music.

What surprises me even more: In the last two weeks, user registrations have tripled in just under 5 days and are now maintaining at this high level. And this is despite the fact that I have re-enabled guest downloads two weeks ago, which usually causes registrations to plummet.
The increase in registrations may possibly be related to the new model for extended licenses - the fact that users can now determine their own price may have sparked a sense of play.
I'm curious to see how the new strategy of 'releasing a new song every Sunday' affects visitor numbers. Will there now be a big rush every Sunday, or will it not have any direct impact? I find all this very exciting.
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