By Tim Kulig one year ago 7467 views
one year ago
Coming later this week - Short Form Nightmares!

Early now for spooky season and ALL the seasons, I have some shorter, simpler horror beds intended for short-form content like TikTok, Reels, & YouTube Shorts.

I specifically made these pieces short and non evolving so that they can be dropped into a short form video without distracting from the content. I recently discovered through some poling of content creators w/Kevin MacLeod that this is in fact a need - and I have been listening on TikTok for months to the same 2-3 spooky beds used over and over again. We need new music!

I'll probably play with some light and orchestral or other genres down the road in the same manner. Not every song needs to be as long as Freebird or November Rain, you know? :)