By willywig      Tim Kulig 6 months ago 1620 views
6 months ago
Hi Tim, where can I find your music in the future if your tracks aren't available here?


Tim Kulig

If you've enjoyed my music and want to continue to use it in your content and videos, please come join me at: timkuligfreemusic.com

You can get my music currently here: https://timkulig.com/albums - there are links to "SoundCloud" & "Pixabay" to grab the tunes from there.

I will have a searchable database in the near future on my site as well as all the attribution language, and a shopping cart for anyone that needs an extended license. I certainly hope you'll join me here and continue to enjoy my music and use it in your content!

If I can provide anything to you in the future, or if you need further clarification on these changes, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

Thanks again for your support! ~ Tim Kulig

6 months ago