444      14    6    03:58
Picture your buddy-cop story from the 80's. It's got some cool riffs and synth patches that put you in the driver's seat of an undercover cop car on a late-night highway ride to the stakeout!
356      8    5    03:33
Epitome of Synthwave and 8-bit gaming coming together and having a child of their own. Get ready to battle the big boss at the end of the level! Complete with breakdown sections and digital, delayed clapping and a guitar that's a keytar, not a guitar - it's just what the...
249      4    2    03:52
A hard-hitting, club tune that just drives you to dance! Pulse-pounding beats, electro-chemical mayhem. All the things...
34      0    1    04:22
227      2    2    03:44
Just playing around with a portamento-filled track with a ton of reverb. An airy little solo that kind of feels like drifting asleep...
408      10    2    04:28
Everything is happening in slow motion, and even sodium hitting water is, too. A typically explosive event, this one builds slowly over time, and it gets more exciting. Initially very airy, it builds to something and simmers down again. Good bed for something laid back that requires a little bit...
394      21    1    04:40
Funny, bouncy tune that has a crunchy backbeat. Literally sounds like the drum is crunching! I dig the guitar track I chose for this about 1 minute in - it's got a very U2 heavy reverberated vibe to it. This one is a lounge in the lanai kind of tune,...
247      3    2    02:24
So. Much. Bass. This one will test the integrity of your low-end speakers. :). It's got a very contemplative feel to it as well as a clubby vibe...I don't know. Again, why it's lumped into a group of mixed electronica! :)
475      5    1    04:37
Ah, "Tripping Up Stairs". I was playing around with some timing and some strange patches, and my mind decided that electronica meeting a jazzy chord would start the whole tune. Then, it goes off the rails with some patches that have all sorts of envelopes and sequences and...well, just listen...
470      16    5    04:12
A quietly driving electronic groove, this is part of a compilation of tunes I couldn't quite decide on the fixed genre for so I lumped it into a mixed electronica album. Some experimenting here - quiet sections with subtle tones driving the melody. Great for backgrounds when doing product demos,...
817      50    10    04:10
Kevin MacLeod makes fun of me for making scary and dark music all the time. What can I say? I can explore all sorts of dark and mysterious crevices, and my horror catalog and downloads show that they are in fact functional lol! However, I was determined to show Kevin...
512      21    4    04:58
Ah, Persiphone! She's an evolving little ditty - orchestrally I really enjoy stream-of-consciousness and changes that just feel "right" to me. Some of the pieces I have in store for this year will take similar journeys. Juxtaposing genres and different instruments to build chords and key changes is a lot...
388      16    4    03:38
Have you been keeping up with the newest addition of Dune? Well, I'm a big fan of Timothee Chamelot (sp?!) and his performance in this 2-part remake of the the 1980's cult classic. Enjoying some sonic feelings / impressions of that - might make some more. I really liked Zimmer's...
287      14    5    05:02
A very moody, melancholic paddy piece that just feels like everything is about to fall apart. But, just imagine this is happening in space, and you realize just how hopeless the situation is. Yes, morose, macabre, I agree. :)
456      17    9    04:45 evolving orchestral piece that commands you to go "...back from whence you came"! Some intriguing changes and evolutions of horns and strings, with crunchy key changes and evolving feelings and emotions. A total stream-of-consciousness composition, I got lost in the mind imagery of this one and really enjoyed the...