313      8    4    02:46
I dig the harpsichord in this one most of all. Makes me feel like I need to do a lighter, funner horror album compilation next fall in this style. I think the tunes would lend well for lighthearted Halloween content :)
230      17    3    02:37
A ferret, slinking around a house and furniture. That's what I see when I hear this song playing - hijinks and antics ensue. :)
484      6    4    01:46
Crossing a high wire is not for the faint of heart - so be careful. :)
480      28    6    02:37
A mouse exploring the confines of a wall space, a cupboard, a kitchen, sneaking around. This is the anthem of Mousey McMousekewitz!
808      45    5    02:41
A great little song to have in an inspirational video or a sweet montage. Light and fun...
383      5    6    03:37
Clown attack at a circus - that's pretty much all I see when I'm listening to this piece...
471      18    3    03:43
A song that originally just started w/the beginning part here, recently the universe decided it was time to finish it. And oh boy, I love what direction it went in! Instruments that chase one another and a backbeat that creates movement and momentum, this is the jam that all the...
428      19    5    01:18
A light and fluffy flute and pizzicato string thing for your content needs...
784      22    10    04:24
End credits tune, an epic montage, an orchestral epiphany? It's up to you what you think this would work with, but a bunch of the tunes from this collection keep making me feel like they could go in different directions...
505      15    2    04:59
A lofi groove, this one has some industrial feels to it. It would fit in a bed in the background of a lot of things - a drone footage video, a montage. There's little breakdowns and I think you could have fun w/it...
357      7    3    03:10
An airy yet beat-filled ambiance, groovy and light and lo-fi feeling...
661      30    4    04:35
This feels like an end credits tune, or a drone footage tune, or maybe a montage? I just love the hook of the chorus, and I groove on this heavy @ the last 1/3rd of the song. Super simple and direct, I just love the feels this one gave me...
437      15    3    04:06
A lot of sub base in this one - like more than I probably should have :). But I like the way it sounds on my computer, so it's staying. Probably good for a montage, or a an action fast-forward video...
543      21    6    03:42
A deep, ripping groove that was so low I thought I was going to break my footsies - hence, Metatarsal Smash. Nice and repetitive, with sound effects to enhance the everythings...
478      11    2    05:10
Beat boxing, industrial styled electronic grooves, and all the in betweens...