My first instrument was a Casio CZ-101, and I've never looked back...I absolutely love to create music.  I find it amazing to give a sonic texture to a visual construct, imaging in my head what a scene or even a picture would have with sound surrounding it.  Seeing what other composers have done over the decades I aspire to meet and exceed those amazing influences and their inspiring talents.I specifically love to explore various musical styles, and will go to lengths to try new things.  I'm a "challenge accepted" type of composer, so if you have a project in need of something very unique please contact me directly at timkulig@gmail.com.  I'd love to work with you!
...and more soon stuffs.

Modern Meditations is my 3rd (and overdue) installment of Meditation music. This one has some of the tracks having a little bit of motion and movement to them, meant to be a more active meditation and self-reflective collection of tunes. Some pulsations and clicking on some of the tracks literally trying to pry your 3rd eye open and have you see the universe for what it truly is. :)

This one dropping toward the end of the month...
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Soon...soon we'll have some new music, now venturing into the old school, 8-bit video game space.

Stay tuned :)
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Soon to be released! ~ some new corporate tracks for your various projects.

Still working on the "Scared to Death" horror album. With all the TikTok / Reels short horror tunes they were kind of blurring together, so needed to put them down for a bit and revisit them at a later date. Also, have some comedy stuff (1st time!) in the rotation as well as a series of holiday music expected for the '23 season. I've been promising myself the last couple of years I'd do a batch of those and damnit I'm going to commit this year - 3rd year's the charm!

Hope you like what's coming - let me know what tracks are resonating so I can keep the feeling coming for you...
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Finally getting "The Beat" uploaded here after a month or so of playing around with that EP.

In addition, have more, yes MORE horror on the way. I wanted to be sure I had quite the catalog of nightmare ambiances for the upcoming spooky season. I may even play around with more playful Halloween ideas as the spooky month approaches - we'll see. It's hard to determine what will finalize and what will fester when creating. You never truly know when inspiration will strike and you'll be inclined to finish some ideas - or start some new ones.

What else? Oh, Christmas tunes, polka, meditation and / or spa, a spaghetti western perhaps, corporate, comedy - I'm just warming up here ;)
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Coming later this week - Short Form Nightmares!

Early now for spooky season and ALL the seasons, I have some shorter, simpler horror beds intended for short-form content like TikTok, Reels, & YouTube Shorts.

I specifically made these pieces short and non evolving so that they can be dropped into a short form video without distracting from the content. I recently discovered through some poling of content creators w/Kevin MacLeod that this is in fact a need - and I have been listening on TikTok for months to the same 2-3 spooky beds used over and over again. We need new music!

I'll probably play with some light and orchestral or other genres down the road in the same manner. Not every song needs to be as long as Freebird or November Rain, you know? :)
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If you don't follow me on YouTube, I've started a personal challenge recently to post more on socials - with consistency! We'll see if I can keep my schedule on course. I'd like to engage my audience more frequently and get more comfortable and consistent across multiple socials. There's a lot of space there to cover!

I'm about 13 songs away from breaching my 400 song publishing milestone and I'm psyched! I have a reward in store for myself at song 500 that I'm going to do a series of posts about, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, check out the video below to get an idea of where I'm at creatively, and join the conversation over @ YouTube!

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That's the secret in the creative process; keep pivoting. So often people get stuck in their own heads and try to push through something that needs to marinate. Just let it simmer for a bit and come back to it.

This is the same reason I write in multiple genres and bounce around styles. You never know when inspiration in one style will strike, and more importantly, when a writer's block will hit you with a style you're working on. So it was with the buddy cop stuff - however, June is looking good for this.

In the meantime, later this week we'll be feasting on the Symphony of Swords - a cross section of orchestral pieces sure to delight.

Enjoy! @timkuligfreemusic
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I got this idea in my head a little while ago. I was waxing nostalgia and thinking about all those buddy cop movies of the 80's - Beverly Hills Cop, Police Academy, etc. It got me to thinking that the music styles from that era are somewhat underrepresented in the free music arena.

...and so I began to create some pieces and man, has it been fun!

Towards the end of this month I should have an album with 8-12 pieces that, in my mind's eye at least, are representative of what this era felt like to me. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them - Tim K
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Some content creators were looking for ambient tunes as well as some other genres. As an ambient tunes album was closer to fruition, I'll be releasing the first of this batch later this week.

Entitled "Ambiances" (original, I know!) this one has notably some pretty vanilla sounding stuff. On purpose. The idea is that these are some beds that can be used in backgrounds that don't do a lot of sonic work but create a mood. There are, however, a few surprises in the mix to keep the overall album fun ;)

Some other exciting stuff coming in the next 2-3 months. It's looking like this summer is going to be quite busy for #timkuligfreemusic
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Hi, I just wanna say thanks for all the great music, it has helped me to create great projects, greetings from Portugal.
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One of the most difficult parts of the creative process for me is getting it all organized and in a functional workflow of creativity, polishing, and releasing content. Some days you just don't feel like doing the creative part. Other days, it's polishing. "Isn't this good enough? " Still other times the difficulties lie in the release schedules and finalization.

Sometimes, it's all of it.

One secret to battling all of this is to fight the inner dialogue and narrative with habit. Habit kills the anti speech in your head. It moves the needle a little closer to your goals.

Habit is the killer of all the haters in your mind; employ habit to move forward!
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This week, I'll be releasing some space sounds for your sci-fi usage. In addition, I'll be finishing up my 3rd and possibly final round of binaural stuff, Gamma Waves. 6 raw patches & 6 meditative ones.

On the horizon? More horror, TikTok beds, podcast beds, intros, tribal, corporate, guitar / rock / metal, polka, spaghetti western, orchestral, small-set cello & violin concertos, piano, Celtic, dance, reggae, folk...what else would you like to hear? lol!
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I finished uploading the batch of Nature Sounds I did - 16 total tracks. Too many to publish 2 at a time, so please explore my catalog on here if you need some F/X and background beds. (use the F/X filter in your search to isolate!)

2 more Synthwave tunes uploaded, some of my favorite ones from this album. Gotta say, I'm going to revisit that genre - I'd forgotten how much I liked the sound of that era and those synths!

Tone will shift a bit in a few weeks - going to go in an intro and corporate direction for a bit, then might take a stab at polka! (or Metal Polka!?). We'll see...

Oh, and the picture here - I've got another round of binaural beats - gamma waves to be exact. Read an article recently that suggested this particular beat set breaks up cranial plaques in some patients? Can't speak to the science, but I like experimenting with the sounds. I'll have both meditative and raw versions for your use.

So much to do...
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So I've got quite a busy production schedule this year. This and next month being no exceptions.

One thing I've been meaning to put out is a compilation of ambient nature environments for film producers and internet creators to use. Not everyone has access to a high-end digital audio workstation (DAW if you ever hear the term mentioned), and having some tracks at your fingertips is important to me.

Enter Nature Sounds (I know, super original title - but effective!) !

I'll release a couple every few days this week and please use them in your productions!
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Soon, on the horizon later this week, musical picks from my latest album, "Electro Chill".

I had a small batch of songs I didn't know where to put, so a mixed album of electronica was the answer. Enjoy!

New song later today...
It's time...

Time to let loose, not self edit, and produce a TON of content. 2023 is the year, and I intend on making it an incredible one for music for myself and for the community on FilmMusic.IO!

I have an ambitious writing plan that will unfold throughout the year. Those following me will see a wave of content, and I hope you find some pieces in these batches that suit your needs. Please, please, please! - by all means, please tell me what you're looking for in 2023 that I may cater to your projects and to whatever styles you're in need of. I'm looking to really push the envelope this year, and I need your help!

I've opened the book to the universe, and it's time - time to get to work!

Stay tuned...
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I find it insanely difficult to produce this mix of cyberpunk and synthwave. I've tried it before and usually gave up sometime along the way because I was never satisfied.
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New album dropping (officially) 1/31/23 but available here in infusions now! 1st 3 songs dropped today. Playing around with a Cyberpunk meets Synthwave sound on this one.

A TON more on the way in the 1st quarter - stay tuned!
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I'm currently working on some Synthwave tunes, as well as another space album. I get in these ambient moods and have to drift off into the outer solar system for awhile in order to come back and focus on, let's say, a spaghetti western album or something :) lol!

Stay tuned - should have some more published by the end of the month...

BTW, if you're a fan and like a particular style I compose, please let me know. I like making the things that bring you to my page!
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Hey Everyone!

I've signed up for extended licenses so if you're interested in my music and being able to use it for commercials, etc. where no attribution is possible, for $20 Euros you now can buy an extended license!

Just click on the link under my music to purchase it in the future...
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