420      9    0    02:12
New products require a montage, especially when they're new, they're products, and they're from the same company. Making stuff and promoting it can be a challenge, but what better way to show a ton of stuff at once then through a montage?!
242      3    0    01:32
Innovating requires muted guitars. It says it right here in the employee manual! I'm serious...:)
523      9    2    01:46
Moving along, making things happen, the clock is ticking, so get the job done, but with a little melancholy feel to it at the same time...
868      58    7    03:08
I figured some of these as straight up corporate video-inspired. This one is like panning across a bunch of products, then seeing a montage of warehouse floor production stages, creating the, well, whatever they're making. :). It has movement, and that's important for innovation, for production, and for logistics!
547      25    2    04:00
Nice and quiet piano piece for your corporatey stuffs...
499      10    1    03:24
...and there they are. The screen fades to black and the credits start to roll. With that, a somewhat memorable end scene tune will be swimming in your ears as you leave the theater contemplating the show / movie / YouTube video you just watched ;)
514      18    4    03:31
Imagine you're driving down the road at night in your cruiser. It's raining, the streetlights are flashing across the windshield, piercing the water accumulating on it before the wipers swipe it away, only to accumulate again. Passing light traffic with flickering blue & red lights in the silence of a...
288      9    1    03:57
This is one of those pieces that reminds me of a montage in any one of the countless police dramas on network TV. Just a cool mood creator to drop in your productions...
566      37    10    02:21
Sometimes the simplest piano line can convey so much meaning...
594      39    8    01:42
Ah, a simple horror drone that gets you lost in the tunnels, the abyss, the abandoned school. Hell, wherever you wanna get lost, this will get you lost there :D !
280      15    5    02:11
Some lo-fi, simple sad pads ala Stranger Things and your Yamaha DX-7 days...
217      13    2    01:18
Drop this in, mix it in the background, and watch the scene get scarier with weird nuances rising and falling in the background of your narrative :)
382      25    8    01:36
If I were playing Until Dawn or Silent Hill, running through the woods, I think this is what I'd hear in my head if there was not other sounds other than my heartbeat and shear terror...
571      46    16    01:26
Ah, there's nothing like the sound of an orchestral cacophony of disharmonious notes and strumming to get you all worked up!
557      41    12    02:36
Because sometimes you just need a scary drone with a few other notes going on to get the job done...