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We ask for your understanding that a free support on a website that offers free music (if you name the author, website and license) is limited.

Yes, the music is free, also for commercial purposes. On our platform you will only find music published under Creative Commons licenses that allow commercial use. The only condition for the use is that you name the author, the website and the license - more information can be found in each download window.
If you don't want to or can't name the author, you can buy a lifetime extended license for the song. In addition you often get more files and a download in Wave format.

In case of free use you are obliged to name the author, the website and the license.

If you don't want to or can't name the author, you can buy a lifetime extended license for the song. In addition you often get more files and a download in Wave format.

All information about the respective license and a text for Copy&Paste can be found for each song in the download window. Example:

Music from
"Reborn" by Alexander Nakarada (
Licence: CC BY (

If you use two songs in your project, you have to do a copyright attribution twice, even if it is the same artist, here's an example:

Music from

"Reborn" by Alexander Nakarada (
Licence: CC BY (

"Dance" by Alexander Nakarada (
Licence: CC BY (


The question can be answered very easily: Where everyone who consumes your project sees it.
More information:

Buy an extended license for this song for 20 Euro. You have to register, log in and click on "buy extended license" (the shopping cart symbol on every song).

Yes, the use is basically allowed for everyone, even for commercial purposes, if the author is mentioned. You can find more information about each song in the download window.

Distribution on iTunes or Amazon violates the Creative Commons terms and conditions, as you can NOT link the license as required. Links on covers in music shops are generally forbidden and there are usually no descriptive texts which would allow an extensive naming of the author or authors. A so-called "Featuring" is basically not allowed, because it violates the CC license, quote: "This information may be given in any reasonable way, but not in a way that gives the impression that the licensor supports you or your use especially.". So the answer is no. An extended license is required for each song, which eliminates the need for a copyright notice.

The conditions for use and a text for copy&paste can be found in every download window. The Creative Commons license is also linked there. If you are unable to comply with the conditions in your project, you will need to purchase an extended license for the song. If you are unsure about your project, we recommend that you consult an experienced media lawyer.

No. At least you shouldn't get clues like that. If you still get hints from Youtube, you have to appeal to Youtube and send a link to the original song of this page.

Yes, on Filmmusic you will only find music that can also be used (free of charge) for commercial purposes. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to name the author as indicated in the download window.


Yes, this website is legal. All the music was released as part of Creative Commons music, the musicians upload their own music.


Name the author. You can find more information in each download window.


You can buy an extended license. More information can be found in the download window of each song.


Each artist uploads his music independently. Filmmusic is a public marketplace, each artist is responsible for his own music. In the "Artists" section you will find various contact possibilities for each artist.


Even if many think so, data transfer is not free of charge: Filmmusic pays real money for every gigabyte. Unfortunately, our service has recently been exploited by users who have downloaded all their music in a short time. That's why we have to limit the downloads to a realistic size.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with malfunctions with your Adblocker. If you get a message, your Adblocker is not completely switched off in any case. With some adblockers it doesn't help to just put a single website into the exceptions.

Yes, very simple and uncomplicated by clicking on "My Profile" in the upper right corner, scrolling down and then clicking on "I want to delete my account". Then simply follow the instructions.

No, this is not permitted without the express permission of the respective author. Online shops do not allow the provision of licenses or Internet addresses, which are necessary to meet the requirements of the Creative Commons License. A publication would violate the terms of the license. The publication of Creative Commons music via the Youtube Content ID System is not permitted by Youtube anyway.

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We use Tunesat to scan the Internet as well as television channels. In addition, we use a newly developed technology based on an AI we train that automatically detects illegal uses of our music. If you have purchased an extended license, your customers will not receive a message.

Exact details about the technology used and how we find illegal uses are secret.