Atmospheric music is a genre that is known for its ability to create a specific atmosphere or mood through the use of soundscapes, textures, and ambient sounds. It is often instrumental, and the focus is on the creation of a particular atmosphere rather than traditional song structure. The genre incorporates elements of ambient, experimental, and electronic music, and can be used for relaxation, meditation, or as a background for other activities.

The origins of atmospheric music can be traced back to the early 20th century with the advent of electronic music and the development of new technologies that allowed for the manipulation of sound. In the 1960s and 1970s, musicians began to explore the possibilities of electronic instruments and sound manipulation, giving birth to the ambient and experimental music genres. The term "atmospheric music" began to be used in the 1980s to describe music that was designed to create a specific atmosphere or mood.

Atmospheric music often incorporates the use of natural sounds, such as the sound of water or birds, as well as electronic sounds and samples. It can be characterized by its use of drones, loops, and other sound manipulation techniques. The tempo is usually slow and the overall sound is often very spacious and ethereal. Some of the key artists and groups associated with the genre include Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid, and William Basinski.

Atmospheric music can be used for a variety of purposes, such as relaxation, meditation, and as a background for other activities such as reading, studying, or working. It is also often used in film, television, and video games to create a specific atmosphere or mood. Overall, atmospheric music is a genre that is known for its ability to create a specific atmosphere or mood through the use of soundscapes, textures, and ambient sounds, and continues to be popular among music enthusiasts and creators.

Free Atmos music

1k      32    8    02:48
A tense,futuristic background track.Ideal for;video games,technology and scifi.
5k      134    14    01:44
Epic and dramatic music track, good for a short and adventurous trailer.
2k      35    13    03:24
Extended License?? Stems for you!!
2k      63    4    00:58
4k      64    24    03:07
Extended License? Stems for You!!
2k      48    10    01:36
A minimal,ambient piano track,featuring soft pads and fx.Great for business and relaxation.
2k      36    9    01:49
A very soothing,atmospheric new age track.Ideal for;healing,relaxation and meditation.
2k      38    10    01:57
So... you're entering the 9th circle, one level above Tartarus. You must have misbehaved during your lifetime. Misbehaved badly. Now you're in for it. Was it that trick you played on the other kids in middle school? Some questionable tax angles? All those pizza orders you called in to that...
844      17    4    01:57
Chillout tune.
1k      33    5    02:22
Indie film soundtracks
2k      39    8    02:07
Three quarter time. Drums, bass, guitars, slide, haunt Ever been spun? Theme for the skeletal anatomy for the end of a brief affair that never really ends.
4k      71    14    02:19
Electronics, percussion, strings, synths Brooding underscore for scary scene. Photo courtesy: Tamas Meszaros -
2k      36    7    02:28
Laid back piano, vibes, electric piano, percussion. Use while drinking Long Island Iced Tea, Gran Marnier & Tea, hot saki, vodka, beer, more vodka, another LTiced tea please, where are my feet?
741      14    3    01:36
An atmospheric piano pieceQuite minimal and ideal for;relaxation,study,stargazing and many business projects.
690      15    2    02:02