Atmospheric music is a genre that is known for its ability to create a specific atmosphere or mood through the use of soundscapes, textures, and ambient sounds. It is often instrumental, and the focus is on the creation of a particular atmosphere rather than traditional song structure. The genre incorporates elements of ambient, experimental, and electronic music, and can be used for relaxation, meditation, or as a background for other activities.

The origins of atmospheric music can be traced back to the early 20th century with the advent of electronic music and the development of new technologies that allowed for the manipulation of sound. In the 1960s and 1970s, musicians began to explore the possibilities of electronic instruments and sound manipulation, giving birth to the ambient and experimental music genres. The term "atmospheric music" began to be used in the 1980s to describe music that was designed to create a specific atmosphere or mood.

Atmospheric music often incorporates the use of natural sounds, such as the sound of water or birds, as well as electronic sounds and samples. It can be characterized by its use of drones, loops, and other sound manipulation techniques. The tempo is usually slow and the overall sound is often very spacious and ethereal. Some of the key artists and groups associated with the genre include Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid, and William Basinski.

Atmospheric music can be used for a variety of purposes, such as relaxation, meditation, and as a background for other activities such as reading, studying, or working. It is also often used in film, television, and video games to create a specific atmosphere or mood. Overall, atmospheric music is a genre that is known for its ability to create a specific atmosphere or mood through the use of soundscapes, textures, and ambient sounds, and continues to be popular among music enthusiasts and creators.

Free Atmos music

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Chase music, more or less a prolonged riser. Perfect for nice action cuts ending with a bang. Extended licence included high quality wav format.
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Nice and simplistic game music loop. Perfect for your next upcoming RPG game. Use it for the magic forest or why not the sleeping castle? Has a nice dreamy fairy feeling too it. Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash. [98bpm / D-flat maj]
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A slow ambient,chill track.Ideal for;spa,meditation,relaxation etc.
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Nice electronic space theme. Let's you drift a far away, perfect for anything with space or (friendly) aliens.
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There is an abandoned town. You're out of fuel and you get stuck on the middle of nowhere. Sunlight is vanishing on the horizon, and you start feeling something is not right. Something happened. An ambient song great for Horror Movie titles or as background for transition scenes or trailer....
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Murky piano, sul ponticello strings, sound design, guitar pick sideways on string. Photo courtesy: Francesco Ungaro -
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Music for Movies of all shapes and sizes. So long as its a suspenseful, scary or horror filled movie. ambient, atmospheric, cinematic, cool, dark, dramatic, emotional, intense, intimate, sad, soft, tender, investigative, moody
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An ambient track,featuring acoustic piano and soft pads.Quite solemn and reflective.
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rustic acoustic guitar, slide guitar, resonator guitar, bass, percussion, synths, electronics & sound design Game soundtrack Desert hardscrabble on a distant planet where it always seems to be dusk. Purple mesa's in the distance, faint sulfur in the air, ominous creatures fly overhead. A lone, dark figure is approaching from...