Unclassifiable music refers to music that does not fit neatly into any established genre or category. It may incorporate elements from various styles and be difficult to describe or classify using traditional music classification methods. It can also refer to music that defies easy categorization because of its experimental or avant-garde nature.

Free Unclassifiable music

13k      413    59    00:21
Short loopable piece meant for a video game section.
14k      424    41    03:21
One of the more sultry sideshow acts in the Tenebrous Brothers Carnival, The Snake Lady is a crowd favorite that most never forget, even if they don't remember exactly what happened during the show.<BR>
7k      231    19    04:16
Semi-industrial loopable driving piece.<BR>
17k      525    53    01:32
A simple march as played by a semi-competent 23-piece ensemble.
18k      558    70    03:33
This... uhh... hmm... let's call it 'experimental' piece starts out with vanilla guitar and rock drums, and gets progressively crazier as the 8-bit synths take over the piece. Maximum anarchy starts around the 3-minute point.
1k      17    4    02:43
Like "Hendrix" said.."Floatation is Groovy and Easy...like a Jellyfish..."
329      5    0    01:14
Sonic tale of your tower...
17k      511    59    00:35
A snappy little tune that might have been found in the 50s.
61k      2k    122    05:51
Some nice soul-sucking horror music. It looks like an innocent birthday cake. Something mom might buy down at the Jewel’s. It showed up at the holiday party for our Class D personnel last year, but no one knows who brought it. It may be related to SCP-1117. Here’s the problem;...
18k      550    49    03:44
Okay, not quite a synth, not quite and organ - that thing is a mellotron. And it is cool. Interesting baroque changes in the B section. General Space-age cocktail party awesomeness for the entire piece.<BR>
121k      4k    256    04:37
Let's be fair, if your interview segment was already energetic, you don't need something like this to fix it. Most people suck at interviews. It isn't their fault. Talking in an entertaining way is really, really, really hard. That's why this piece exists. Rising Tide is designed to make anyone...
14k      424    48    02:29
"What a fun harmonic rollercoaster on the new tune!" Reminiscent of a carnival, this is an intentionally clashing harmonic piece... yet somehow very fun and quirky.
19k      548    44    02:40
Sort of a cooler, driving piece. Lots of space in this piece to make it your own. I don't mean "make it your own" in that sort of way you do where you mark all the pancakes on your plate with your signature so you can tell if someone switched...
20k      595    86    00:54
Solo trumpet version of the 1862 military ceremonial piece.<BR>
99k      3k    157    02:41
Somewhat urgent music for storytelling. Winding staircase that leads to nowhere... like your liberal arts degree. Melodic enough to hold your interest. Repetitive enough for you to lose interest.