Unclassifiable music refers to music that does not fit neatly into any established genre or category. It may incorporate elements from various styles and be difficult to describe or classify using traditional music classification methods. It can also refer to music that defies easy categorization because of its experimental or avant-garde nature.

Free Unclassifiable music

777      16    0    02:28
"Shaken..not stirred..."
293      6    0    02:18
Am I awake or asleep...?
14k      215    23    02:52
An epic clash of genre that feigns coherence. Based on the Public Domain 1904 recording of "Ujangong (Mask Dance)" from New Guinea. But with a swing bass and slicing techno chunk in 3/4 time.
517      4    2    02:05
"All we represent to them man, is somebody who needs a haircut"...
39k      474    43    02:02
The rhythm adds the dissonance. An unsettling effect. More delicate than either of the first 2 piece. The third of a series.
1k      24    5    01:32
Orchestral, sound design, percussion, Klingon Mens and Womens Chorus.
3k      57    16    02:04
Piano, pan drum, percussion, electronics, synths, synth guitar, sound design An interesting time in the US, no? I've heard some people recently say "I'm so glad 2020 is behind us". Hmm, careful what you wish for me thinks.. I wrote this while the US capital was under siege on 1/6/21....
25k      332    35    04:20
A driving electronic piece. Kit is dominant throughout the piece. Choir has brief moments about 55 secs in, and re-emerging for a heavier role towards the end half of the piece.
289      5    0    01:14
Sonic tale of your tower...
22k      266    32    11:16
Experimental electronic music. 26 sine wave synths, each offset by 4 measures in time, and 4 cents of tuning. The final synth is a complete semitone away from the first synth.<BR><BR>
4k      67    16    01:13
Sound design, staccato strings, underscore, combs, dread Serpentile presence pervades as you toe into the edge of the right-most panel of H. Bosch "Garden of Earthly Delights". The "Tree-Man" catches sight of you, eyes moving ever so slightly. Hell. Not a fantastical place but a realistic world replete with many...
28k      331    30    11:16
Experimental electronic music. 26 sine wave synths, each offset by 4 measures in time, and 2 cents of tuning. The final synth is a quartertone away from the first synth.
2k      46    6    01:28
Piano, muted brass, strings, percussion The wheels of subversive heavy industry are grinding through the details. High rollers, high stakes, life and death decisions. Deals hammered out in back alleys and in the penthouses of super modern high rises. When the dominoes begin to fall, a cascade of violence will...
442      6    0    02:41
Groove and socket set...Punch and Judy.
2k      44    6    01:55
Hammered Dulcimer (Guzheng), Marimba, strings. Some audio Yule-phoria for your end of year spiked eggnog or tea and Gran Marnier or beverage and fireplace of your choosing. Cheers!