Voiceover music, also known as background music or underscore, is a type of music that is used in film and video production to enhance the overall impact of the voiceover. It is played during the recording of the voiceover, and its purpose is to help convey the intended message of the production and to create an emotional response in the audience. The music is chosen to complement the mood or tone of the voiceover and to help set the scene or create a specific atmosphere. For example, if the voiceover is in a dramatic scene, the music might be chosen to create tension and suspense. Similarly, if the voiceover is in a happy or uplifting scene, the music might be chosen to create a sense of joy and positivity. Voiceover music can also be used to provide context for the voiceover, such as when it is used to indicate the location or time period of the scene. Overall, voiceover music plays an important role in helping to create an immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Free Voiceover music

2k      118    13    01:49
1k      60    7    01:12
14k      734    84    01:49
Climb is a piece perfect for commercials or other corporate content. The slow piano and the melodic progression is written to be very mesmerizing. Use this for motivational content!
1k      103    11    01:30
A motivational,inspiring track.Ideal for all corporate and personal projects
1k      40    6    01:08
12k      759    95    03:09
A laidback corporate pop track.Featuring guitar and bells,this would be ideal for;pvoice over etc.resentation,videos,
4k      219    23    01:10
A relaxed acoustic piano and guitar track with a gentle beat.Warm and friendly and ideal for many productions.
1k      66    13    01:52
A mellow lo fi downtempo track.Led by a mellotron flute,this piece is ideal for floating away in a daydream.Also good for drone footage,voice over and other corporate uses.
4k      260    39    01:14
A relaxing,corporate style chillout track.Ideal for any type of productions.
5k      316    47    01:25
A corporate,upbeat and positive track.
2k      104    12    01:18
A light,acoustic based track.Mellow and reflective.
4k      200    17    01:36
A funky,corporate track,featuring acoustic guitar and bells.
4k      221    37    01:36
A positive and optimistic corporate track.Ideal for;voice over,on hold,presentation etc.
2k      126    18    01:36
A funky,pop track,featuring electric guitar,bass,pads and bright bells.Ideal for;corporate projects,holidays and travel and luxury goods.
6k      326    52    02:04
A positive,optimistic corporate track.Ideal for business etc.