Voiceover music, also known as background music or underscore, is a type of music that is used in film and video production to enhance the overall impact of the voiceover. It is played during the recording of the voiceover, and its purpose is to help convey the intended message of the production and to create an emotional response in the audience. The music is chosen to complement the mood or tone of the voiceover and to help set the scene or create a specific atmosphere. For example, if the voiceover is in a dramatic scene, the music might be chosen to create tension and suspense. Similarly, if the voiceover is in a happy or uplifting scene, the music might be chosen to create a sense of joy and positivity. Voiceover music can also be used to provide context for the voiceover, such as when it is used to indicate the location or time period of the scene. Overall, voiceover music plays an important role in helping to create an immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Free Voiceover music

4k      192    32    01:49
A chilled,corporate style track.Positive and warm sounding.
307k      16k    743    06:15
Talk wistfully about the past. Talk hopefully about the future. Talk about your hopes and fears. Talk about your neighborhood watch lady. Talk about your chill tracks!
5k      228    51    01:25
A light,friendly acoustic pop track.Very easy going.Ideal for;voice over,vlog,commercial,family,nature etc.
3k      167    26    01:33
A light,upbeat corporate style track.Ideal for;infomercial,presentations,videos,travel vlogs etc.
4k      198    24    01:38
A light,feelgood chillout track.Ideal for many types of corporate and personal productions.
4k      175    18    01:45
A positive corporate track,featuring acoustic guitar and a melodic synth line.
4k      172    29    01:41
A positive,feel good,corporate style track.Ideal for;videos,presentations etc.
3k      138    25    01:18
Uplifting,positive and optimistic.A fun and bouncy tune,featuring guitar and bells.
2k      113    18    01:26
A calm,friendly corporate track.Ideal for;childrens projects,animals,summer,vpice overs etc.
2k      94    11    01:19
A relaxed corporate,,soft pop track.Suitable for many productions.
541      12    6    01:46
3k      153    36    01:24
A nice,mellow acoustic track.Ideal for;corporate,nature,children etc.
10k      429    42    03:50
Fortschritt und Digitalisierung schreiten unaufhaltsam voran. Industrie 4.0. Doch bringen die Segnungen moderner Technik nicht auch Gefahren mit sich? Progress and digitization are unstoppable. Industry 4.0. But don't the blessings of modern technology also come with dangers?
3k      122    26    01:14
A laid back and optimistic piece.Ideal for corporate or personal projects.
2k      102    22    01:48
An optimistic,corporate style track.I deal for many types of projects.